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Admissions Team

Meet The Admissions Team
J. S. Struan Robertson
Struan joined the Admissions team in 2012 as the Director of Marketing and Recruitment. Struan has over 15 years of experience in the independent school system, and has brought this knowledge and passion to LCS! He will be travelling internationally looking to recruit the best and brightest to come to The Grove, while hosting parent and alumni receptions during his travels.  He also has the same name as our Head of School!

Barbara Rutherford
Barb has been providing you with your first introduction to the school for more than 23 years, whether over the telephone or through this webpage. Don’t be surprised if she calls you “luv” as she explains all the benefits of LCS and describes the admissions steps to you. Her warmth is infectious and she can always be counted on to assist you in any way possible. You will feel like you know Barb even before you set foot on the campus.

Jonathan Holmes
In his role as Assistant Director of Enrolment, Jon strives to share the many benefits of an LCS education with prospective families and agents while travelling nationally and internationally to attend recruitment fairs and parent receptions.  As an LCS alumnus and former Assistant Head of House, academic coach, tutor and teacher, Jon knows the school from many perspectives and is happy to respond to your questions and share his love of the school.

Ashley Matheson
Ashley is one of the first people you will meet when going through the application process to Lakefield College School, and once you have arrived at the school. As the Admissions Assistant, Ashley greets all the new families, begins the touring process for potential students, and makes them feel comfortable before writing their entrance tests. Ashley enjoys meeting new students and families, as well as interacting with students throughout the year as they come up to say hello and get some sweets from the candy jar.

Carol Florence
It is Carol’s cheery voice that greets all callers to Lakefield College School on Mondays through Wednesdays. Whether you have a question about admissions, need the latest score of an LCS hockey game, or directions to the school, Carol is always there to assist you with a smile and a kind word.