Remote learning provides you with exciting opportunities to engage and continue your learning while away from school. You will be able to learn from home with the guidance and support of your teachers.

The learning skills that you have already developed will help you thrive in this environment. Your teachers want you to succeed and will do all they can to ensure that your learning continues.

Set up a space from which to work

You need a writing surface, reading space, power for devices, headphones, an internet connection (5 MBps or better), and supplies for some assignments.

Plan your calendar

Have a physical calendar in front of you so you can identify due dates and important meetings. Check your Google Calendar and update it with school and family responsibilities; LCS will be updating your Google Calendar with regular school events. Monitor your Edsby Calendar for assignment deadlines.

Plan your routines and get organized

Routine helps everyone to feel balanced and relaxed. Set up a daily schedule that helps you stay on track along with an organization system. Consider whether you prefer paper or electronic notes and how you'd like to keep your files organized. Add folders to your email (i.e. Advisor, Head of House, Classes, Important School Notices) for key communications and emails you may need to refer back to.

Practice using your digital tools

There will be some regular digital tools we will use to stay connected as we learn together. Review the list below and be sure you are ready to engage using these tools. Your teachers will let you know if there are any additional resources being used for each class.
  • Zoom: This will be used for realtime (synchronous) events for classes, co-curriculars and school-wide events.
  • Edsby (Classes): Edsby will continue to be an important place to find your class lessons, assignments and a journal (in calendar form).  You will also find your assessment page here (tab in My Work).  Be sure to log in and make sure you can navigate to these things before you begin.
  • Edsby (Groups):
    • School Talk: we will continue to use School Talk to post all important school-wide announcements. Be sure to check it regularly.
    • Co-curricular Groups: Athletics, Arts, Clubs and others. Watch for announcements and activities for these groups.
    • Chapel Talks: We are looking forward to continuing our tradition of Chapel Talks with this new forum for our graduates to share their experience with us.
  • Google:
    • Google Drive: Check that you have access to your GDocs, GSlides and other functions. Also check GClassroom (as some teachers will set up GClasses for distributions of resources). Be sure to let all your teachers know if you need resources shared with a different method.
    • Gmail: Even more then when you are on campus, LCS email will be a critical way you stay in touch with your teachers and other staff and students! Be sure to check your email daily and use it as a communication tool to stay in touch.
    • GCal: Keeping track of your daily schedule and commitments is important and it can be easy to lose track of things! Use your GCal as a way to keep track of classes, Zoom calls, appointments with teachers, chapel, etc. Calendar invites also include important details on what to be prepared for and how to connect with the person/class you have an appointment with. You'll have a lot of different things to monitor, and building the habit of staying on top of all of your commitments through one calendar will help you succeed while learning remotely and also as you get ready for life after Lakefield!

Learning With Lakefield Provides Opportunities for Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

Through Learning with Lakefield, students will be asked to engage as often and as actively as possible in our face-to-face, synchronous events that will be scheduled weekday mornings (anytime between 8:30-11:30 a.m. EDT) so that our students from Canada, Europe, Asia, and around the world will be able to join.
We value this face-to-face community time and we so appreciate that some students will be working at hours not normal to the usual school day. Our teachers are committed to making the student experience as good as possible. If time or circumstance prevents students from being involved in these meetings, we understand. We will be sure to be in touch to ensure students are able to continue their Lakefield experience in as personal a way as is possible. 
Outside of synchronous morning classes and community time, teachers will also deliver meaningful lessons through asynchronous learning opportunities designed to allow students to work independently at their own pace, and collaborate in small groups.


Students learn at the same time.

  • Come together as a community in real time.
  • Engaging and effective.
  • Allows for instant feedback and clarification.
  • Sessions take place between 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. EST.
  • Examples: Video conferencing, live chat, live-streamed videos


Students learn at different times.

  • Classroom lessons completed independently or in small groups.
  • Convenient and flexible.
  • Allows students to work at their own pace.
  • Takes place in the afternoons (EST) and on weekends.
  • Examples: Email, screencasts, videos, blog posts/comments

Co-Curriculars, Intersession Days and School LIfe

We are committed to offering our students a well-rounded program, rich with a variety of co-curricular experiences and other opportunities that include Intersession Days and a vibrant school life.

List of 3 items.

  • Co-curriculars

    We are committed to offering our students a well-rounded program, rich with a variety of experiences and opportunities that includes being Outdoors Every Day. Students will meet for co-curricular sessions once per week on Fridays and should expect to complete 1-2 hours of activity each week in support of their co-curricular.
  • Intersession Days

    Intersession days are grounded in experiential programming that supports students in each grade and offers unique opportunities to reflect on, question, and engage in activities designed to complement and enrich their learning. These will continue to be offered remotely to bring our school together for a day of reflection and connection.
  • School Life/Spirit

    Our Senior Students will be planning a variety of school-wide Spirit Events including games, sports and our paper house competitions. Stay tuned for more information!

School Information

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Lakefield College School is a private, coeducational boarding and day school for students in grades 9 through 12, located in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada.

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