Model UN Delegates Attend UTMUN

By Ms. Jennifer Browne

The Model UN Delegation found great success this past fall and winter!

November Training Session
We started with a workshop held by the University of Toronto Model UN Society at Lakefield College School (LCS) in November as training in a mock committee session in preparation for the UTMUN (University of Toronto Model United Nations) Conference in February.  The topics covered in this one-day event were youth access to education in Africa and women's rights in Africa. We had delegates representing countries in Africa ranging from Algeria, Kenya, the Ivory Coast, and Botswana.  In total, we had 12 delegates participate!
UTMUN Conference — February 6-9, 2020
The LCS Delegation arrived at the U of T ready to work! We started the event by attending the Opening Ceremonies at Convocation Hall in the heart of U of T's campus. We listened to the keynote speaker, Michael Kessler from the VIC One Program, and his words stuck with us for the weekend.  He told the students "You'll stumble. You'll shake. You'll fall. But the more you push yourself to speak up, the more you'll feel more comfortable in not only Model UN but within yourself". 
The group began their four-days of debate that afternoon and, while spread across campus addressing a range of topics, they all had a common goal: to work collaboratively with each other in the hopes of writing realistic resolutions to very important and sensitive global concerns.  
The delegates involved were from across the world and topics covered included:

  • Egypt (Gabi de Santa Rosa Thorpe) who addressed the "need for vaccines in developing countries, the health impacts of vaping, the widespread availability of nicotine products, and the urgent need for sanitary water sources across the world"
  • Bolivia (Adrienne Cross) worked on "international regulation of cryptocurrencies, making an economical conscious transition to green energy and taking collaborative measures to prevent future global economic crisis"
  • Belgium (Kate Dalziel) worked on "the implementation and usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, the protection of world heritage sites from tourism and pollution, and the use of education as a way to prevent and extremism and the exploitation of children"
  • Sudan (Caroline Chen) look at "destabilizing Mali, continued outer space cooperation, and climate security regarding military and political intervention"
  • Canada (Mairi Ross) worked on "empowering women in rural areas, the empowerment of indigenous women, access for women in science and technology fields, and female reproductive rights"
  • Chile (Lily Bowman) looked at the "West-African drug trade, trafficking falsified medical products, and the prevention of illicit drug use in youth"
  • Eritrea (Eno Chen) looked at the "acceleration action in combating national and transnational crime and to improve efficiency and fairness of criminal justice administration worldwide" 
  • Yvonne Jones (Maha Bukari) focused on "the impact of residential schools on indigenous communities in Canada"  
  • Algeria (Nicole Liu) and Niger (Eric Xia) looked at how to properly "navigate the dynamics of the newly formed sovereign states of the African Union of 1963"
  • Representing the Beijing Federation of Autonomous Federation, Liam Cole was part of the civil dissidents in the crisis committee called Tiananmen Protests (1989). 
A special congratulations goes to the Delegate of Algeria (Nicole Liu) for winning the Outstanding Delegate Award for her committee. Now, we are looking ahead to the Crisis Committee which is taking place at LCS on May 2, 2020!
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