International Business Perspectives with Dr. Markus Miele

This week, students in Mr. Moffatt’s Grade 12 International Business class were visited by guest speaker Dr. Markus Miele P ’20 from Miele, an independent family-owned company that manufactures appliances for use in the household, commercial operations and medical practices. Dr. Miele gave an overview of the Miele company including its history, operations, current plant locations, and distribution across the world. He explained how the business has been affected by and is working through the challenges presented by COVID-19 and how the company has been thinking ahead to how a new “normal” will look. Dr. Miele also talked about how he got to where he is today and how he decided what to do after school in thinking about what he enjoyed and then channeling it into choosing his postsecondary studies and career.
Dr. Miele helped students to see the value in considering alternative perspectives by explaining how he reads newspapers from other countries for a sense of how different people and cultures think. He left the class with this advice about considering their next steps after graduation: choose a postsecondary major which you are passionate about. Learn from mistakes and invest time in doing the things you love.
Students took the time after class to reflect on Dr. Miele’s presentation with some of the following takeaways:
  • I found it interesting how varied the products were depending on the country in which they were being sold.
  • It was really interesting how the company Miele is handling the pandemic and the special products for the different countries.
  • It was interesting learning about how the company evolved and the differences between the first appliance the company ever made to its successful modern products today.
  • I found it interesting that the company's factories and buildings were close to each other in Germany, unlike other companies.
Having guest speakers is an invaluable opportunity for students to hear different international perspectives as well as engage with members of the LCS community. As our teaching staff work to make remote learning authentic and fun for our students, community members are welcome to participate. Complete our Guest Speakers and Q&A Periods survey if you are interested in getting involved.
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