Athletics Action

1st Girls’ Field Hockey
Coaches: Amy McGrath, April Looije
On Wednesday, the 1st Girls' Field Hockey team had their season opener at home and the first official game of the season did not disappoint. With a robust cheering section behind them, the team most definitely gave the spectators something to cheer about. Despite a slow start and a score of 2 - 0 at the half, the girls really picked up the pace in the second half. With a final score of 5 - 0, our girls are ready to get this field hockey season going. A shout out to Clara Mindjimba, Ella Shannahan-Guay (2) and Lizzy Hood (2) for scoring the team's five goals. A special shout out to Kit Wright who had a spectacular game and set up more than one goal; you would never believe this is only Kit's second year playing field hockey. Congratulations to goalkeeper Maggiemae Jones on her first shutout of the season. Way to go!

1st Boys’ Soccer
Coaches: Janice Runza, Valaine Confesor
On Wednesday September 26, the 1st Boys' Soccer team hosted Crestwood Prep School for our season opener.  From the first whistle the players dominated play, with CPS being challenged to get the ball to our end. Despite this being the first game, and positions still being confirmed, each player worked well individually and with one another to strengthen the level of skill on the field.  Players encouraged, challenged and complemented one another. The end result was a win for LCS with a 4 - 1 score. Goal scorers were Pedro Zapata and Romeyo Caines, each with two goals.

On Saturday September 29, the boys faced Greenwood College School (GCS).  With many fans cheering the team on from the sidelines, the team began the game strong, with Romeyo Caines scoring in the 8th minute.  Andre Vilcini (2) matched that at 23 minutes in. At half-time LCS was up 4 - 0. Discussions took place with the players, encouraging them to focus and work on improving other aspects of their game in the second half, such as maintaining possession, switching sides of the field before attacking, scoring off a header or a left foot, etc.  The players understood that LCS does not support running up the score when one team is dominating the other, but that we maintain our defensive strength and play solidly and tactically on the attack, as these are skills that we need to develop and build on going forward. In the second half LCS scored three more goals, with GCS scoring 1, ending with a 7 - 1 final.  Other goal scorers for LCS were Paul Prindiville Porto, Aidan Segura and Pedro Zapata (2).

1st Cross Country
Coaches: Rory Gilfillan, Russ Gordon
Grade 11 student Keegan Sayles doesn’t say much and, in a time where every waking inclination, negligible success and minor setback is immediately broadcast to the world, Sayles is a holdover and his steady work ethic reflects an often-unsung blue-collar sensibility that pervades this team.  But it's also the kind of ethic that builds championship teams. Sayles’ metronome pace is bereft of the usual drama that can punctuate the first 500 meters of a 6-kilometer race. He doesn’t start fast, choosing instead to grind his opponents down. In a long enough race, Sayles will always be the last man standing and in a sport that venerates pain, and suffering, his example has not only set the tone for our team but also revealed its promise.

Tommy Larson, and Alexis Pettersen led the youth movement placing 7th and 31st respectively.  Aidan Melville locked down a top 15 position ranking 14th and in the process surprised himself but not his coaches.  For some, like Octavio Diaz, it was about generating the fortitude to kick the last 300 meters, or for Mairi Ross, finding a way to overcome common sense in the final kilometer and crossing the line with nothing left to give. Or, Hannah Su realizing that racing doesn’t just unlock athletic potential but can inspire the written word on the ride home.  For rookies like Shirley Li and Illana Mohommed it was about the joy of sport, lining up with your friends, smiling and then going like hell.

Distance running will always be a starkly linear sport and while talent is important, it is one of the few undertakings where hard work, tough miles and an unyielding standard can triumph.

We didn’t win the race, but a message was sent to our competition: We’re coming for you.
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