Fees and Financial Aid

North American Boarding Fees

North American Boarding Fees

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  • Annual Fees

    Tuition ($CAD): $58,400
    Tuition includes: Academic program, meals, accommodation, use of facilities, laundry, compulsory field trips, outdoor education training, library services, basic healthcare, basic infirmary supplies, travel and admission to athletic and cultural events.

    Tuition Refund Insurance (estimate, see section below):
    Text books (estimated): 
    Uniform (1st year)
    : $700
  • One-Time Fees

    Registration Fee: $3,000
    *To accept the offer of admission, please forward this one time, non-refundable registration fee.

    Laptop and Technology Fee: $2,900
    *This includes the purchase of a MacBook Air with AppleCare Warranty and school licensed software. For software licensing and repair purposes, the school will retain ownership of the device during the student’s LCS career; however when the student leaves the school, ownership of the device with any existing warranty will be transferred to the student’s family. The Laptop and Technology Fee is billed to acounts on September 30, 2018
  • Payment Plans

    Three payment plans are available for our boarding families 
    Families should indicate their preferred payment arrangements on the Enrollment Contract. All installments are billed 30 days prior to the due date. Tuition Fees can be paid with postdated cheques, online banking, wire transfer, pre-authorized debit, or by credit card according to the Payment Schedule below. Financial awards are credited on a pro-rated basis to billings following the first installment.

    Early Payment Option - Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is optional
    A credit of 1% is applied if payment is received by the due dates. 

    First Installment (due March 31, 2018)     $11,680
    Final Installment (due June 30, 2018)$46,720
    Less 1% for payment received on time($584)
    Net Tuition$57,816

    Standard Payment Option
     - Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is optional
    Payments are made in four installments. 

    First Installment (due March 31, 2018)     $11,680
    Second Installment (due June 30, 2018)$23,360
    Third Installment (due September 30, 2018)$17,520
    Final Installment (due December 30, 2018)$5,840

    Monthly Payment Option
     - Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is mandatory.
    Payments are spread out over ten installments. An administration surcharge of 1% ($584 for boarding students) is included in the second installment to help defray the extra handling and financing costs. Tuition Refund Insurance is mandatory with this option, and is not included in the installments below (it is billed separately on July 31, 2018). 

    First Installment (due March 31, 2018)     $11680
    Second Installment (due June 30, 2018)$7,096
    8 Equal Installments Totalling 
     (payable on the last day of each month July 31, 2018 to February 28, 2019)
    ($5,026 monthly)
  • Tuition Refund Insurance Plan (TRP)

    The cost of tuition refund insurance is calculated on the tuition fees less any scholarship or bursary received and includes 8% provincial sales tax, and is automatically billed to all students in July. The deadline for cancelling this coverage with written notification is August 31.
    Recognizing that parents are responsible for the full fees, a Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is recommended to protect your financial commitment. The school recommends that parents purchase Tuition Refund Insurance made available through the school by an independent insurer. When fees are fully paid, parents may receive a 60% to 75% refund (pro-rated based on attendance) depending on the circumstances leading to withdrawal (75% for physical disability, 75% for mental or nervous disorder, 60% for non-medical withdrawal, or 75% for dismissal).
    At LCS, this insurance plan is optional except for those choosing the monthly payment plan, international families choosing the standard plan.
    NOTE: TRP will automatically be applied to student accounts on August 31 if there is any tuition fees overdue at that time. 
    Insurance coverage is valid provided the student has attended the school more than fourteen consecutive calendar days commencing with the first day of classes.

    Parents should review the School Life Guide to fully understand circumstances that may lead to dismissal. The school practices a zero tolerance policy, as described in the School Life Guide, in various circumstances related to standards and discipline.

Additional Information

List of 4 items.

  • Additional Fees

    Laptop & Technology Fee
    This includes the purchase* of a MacBook Air with AppleCare Warranty and school licensed software.

    Students will receive an MacBookAir Package which includes:
    • a three year AppleCare warranty
    • a neoprene carrying case for their laptops
    • a replacement laptop (supplied by the school) in the event that a student machine requires repair
    • The Apple iLife applications: (GarageBand, iMovie, Photo Booth)
    • The Apple iWorks applications (Keynote, Pages, Numbers)
    • All of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • The Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere and Dreamweaver)
    • Software to access Microsoft file systems so students can access legacy files
    In order to ensure compatibility and integration across the system, both technical and pedagogical, students are required to use this complete package, including the laptop computer, as supplied by the school.

    *For software licensing and repair purposes, the school will retain ownership of the device during the student’s LCS career; however when the student leaves the school, ownership of the device with any existing warranty will be transferred to the student’s family.

    Supplementary Fees
    Personal expenses and other incidental charges are billed monthly and can be paid by online banking or pre-authorized debit.

    Supplementary fees may include:
    • Tuition Refund Insurance (annually in July)
    • Text books, school uniform, clothing, supplies, and sundries
    • Non-OHIP medical services
    • Personal athletic equipment
    • Athletic uniforms
    • English as a Second Language tutoring
    • University admissions applications
    • Private tutoring
    • Graduation and school photos
    • Adventure expeditions
    • Dry cleaning and mending
    • Travel (day & boarder)
    • Taxis to off-site medical services
    • Career testing
    • Yearbook
    • Recreational entertainment
    • NSF cheques, wire, and other bank charges
    • Grove Society membership
    • School formal, semi-formal and other spirit events
    • Private music lessons
    • Riding program

    Property and Health Insurance
    The school cannot accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, a student’s personal property. Parents should ensure that their child’s personal belongings are insured while at the school.

    A copy of each student’s Health Card or health insurance policy must be on file in the Health Centre prior to school opening. As well, we also require a copy of each student's proof of nationality, i.e. birth certificate or passport. More detailed information on health insurance requirements are requested during the eRegistration process.
  • Payments and Banking

    Payment Methods
    For families who have a Canadian bank account, LCS offers the following payment methods:
    • online banking
    • pre-authorized debit
    • credit card via Plastiq (3rd party partner)
    • draft, money order, or post-dated cheques

    For families who have a bank account outside of Canada, LCS offers the following payment methods:

    School Banking Information
    To be used only for the purposes of wire transfers or other bank deposits to the school’s account. Please ensure your child’s full name is on the payment.

    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    37 Queen Street, Lakefield, Ontario K0L 2H0, Canada
    Phone: 705.652.3311
    Fax: 705.652.5242
    Account Number: 54-00317
    Bank Number: 010
    Branch Code/Transit Number: 04942
    Swift Code: CIBCCATT

    Late Payment
    Accounts for fees and extra charges that are outstanding at the time of the billing will be subject to late payment charges at a rate of 16% per annum. Monthly statements are emailed by the 5th working day of the following month. All original medical invoices/prescriptions are mailed after statements are emailed.

    Failure to comply with the terms of payment may result in the student not being admitted to the school for the subsequent term or academic year. In addition, the school may withhold grading services and exercise other sanctions as it deems necessary for the collection of overdue accounts.
    Student Banking
    Students are encouraged to responsibly handle their own finances and to have their own bank account in the village of Lakefield with either the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) or the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). The school suggests a $30 weekly allowance to cover incidental expenses such as postage, taxis, and haircuts, etc. Students are encouraged to plan their spending and keep only small sums of money in their possession. A bank debit machine is conveniently located on campus.
  • Tax Credits

    Tax Credits
    Lakefield College School provides a childcare expense receipt and an educational tax credit for Advanced Placement courses. However, the school strongly recommends that you seek advice from your financial advisor before making a claim. If you have a preference for whose name should appear on tax receipts, please advise the Business Office.

    Education Tax Credit
    Students taking Advanced Placement courses are entitled to a tax credit for each AP course.

    Child Care Expense Fees
    Under current legislation, students under 16 years of age are eligible for childcare expense fee receipts, depending upon residential status.
  • Bursaries and Scholarships

    The purpose of our financial assistance program is to recognize “excellence” in a number of different areas and to give deserving students the opportunity of a Lakefield College School education regardless of their family’s financial resources.

    Each year, approximately $1,900,000 in financial assistance is awarded to more than 100 students. Lakefield College School awards both bursaries and scholarships, but the majority of these funds, however, are awarded to students who show a demonstrated financial need. For returning students, the deadline for applying for financial assistance is January 15. New students are asked to submit their letter of interest, test results and academic average (see details below) by February 15. Students accepted after this deadline are asked to submit the information as quickly as possible.

    While bursaries are renewable each year based on the good social and academic standing of the recipient, a Financial Aid application form (FACS) must be completed by parents annually.

    Please refer to the Guide to Scholarships and Bursaries for a complete listing of bursaries and scholarships.
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