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Being a Grove Roots Mentor

What does it mean to be a Grove Roots Mentor?
Everyone has talents and life experiences to share. As a Grove Roots Mentor you can make a real difference by sharing your experience, advice and life lessons to help guide an LCS alumnus/a to meet his or her family, community and professional goals.

Why be a Grove Roots Mentor?
  • Because you value the importance of giving back and helping others to grow.
  • Because you have a shared appreciation of what a caring, supportive community can achieve.
  • Because you can make a positive difference in the life and career of a fellow LCS alumnus/a.
  • Because it’s Lakefield.

Mentor FAQ

List of 4 items.

  • What are the benefits to the mentor and mentee?

    Benefits to the mentor include:
    • Satisfaction of enhancing the mentee’s career learning and goals;
    • Heightened profile within their workplace;
    • Coaching practice and leadership skills;
    • Heightened self-awareness;
    • Pleasure of giving back.

    Benefits to the mentee include:
    • Access to wisdom and expertise;
    • Opportunities for self-assessment;
    • A personalized career-development plan;
    • Greater understanding of current business practices;
    • Introduction to business networks and related supports;
    • Exposure to the business environment;
    • Job search strategies;
    • Advice, moral support, encouragement.
  • What are the qualities of an ideal mentor?

    • Influential professional or manager with advanced experience and knowledge;
    • Respected in their field and organization;
    • Proven leadership capabilities and personal effectiveness skills;
    • Committed to nurturing and supporting the student's development;
    • Shares wisdom;
    • Understands the current workplace issues and realities, and what employers look for;
    • Skilled at listening and provides supportive guidance and constructive feedback;
    • Available; prepared to maintain contact based on predetermined commitment;
    • Prepared to spend time discussing the transition from student to employee, reading the alumnus/a’s resume and reviewing career plans;
    • Understands how to build networks and is in a position to help establish a professional network for the alumnus/a;
    • Confidential; treats all dealings and discussions in confidence.
  • What are the qualities of an ideal mentoring subject?

    • Interest in and availability to work on own self-assessment, formulate plans for career development and set goals for achievement;
    • Available to meet with mentor based on a predetermined schedule for the duration of the agreement;
    • Interested in learning about current workplace issues and potential employers;
    • Prepared to spend time discussing the transition from student to employee, working on own resume and discussing work of interest;
    • Interested in building networks in chosen field;
    • Confidential: treats all dealings and discussions in confidence.
  • What kind of activities do mentors do?

    Possible mentoring activities include:
    • Arrange a meeting for the alumnus/a to be introduced to an important contact in the mentor's field; make suggestions prior to this meeting regarding possible topics of conversation. Conducting a debrief session is helpful afterwards.
    • Review the mentee’s resume and provide feedback.
    • Refer the alumni to professional colleagues for informational interviews.
    • Share speeches or presentations delivered by the mentor.
    • Provide the mentee with advice concerning job applications and interviews.
    • Debrief with the mentee after interviews.

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