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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Payment and Registration

    I'm not sure about which courses would be the best choice. Who should I talk to? 
    It is always a good idea to check with a guidance counsellor at your school about any course selection.  The guidance counsellor can check prerequisites, share opportunities the course might open in the future, and offer academic counselling.  For students in Grade 8, contacting the Guidance department of their future high school is also a good idea.

    My child is interested in a course that is meant for a different grade level. Are they able to sign up? 
    The courses designated Grade 9, 10, and 11 are usually open to students who are at or above that Grade level (so a Grade 11 student can take Grade 10 French or Grade 10 Science if they don't already have this credit). Please check with a guidance counsellor about what might be right for you.
    My child is going to school in a different province. Are they eligible for the LCS Academy & Summer Programs courses?
    Any student is welcome to enroll in LCS Academy and Summer programs and, if applicable, earn an Ontario Secondary School credit. The student should consult with the guidance department at their school to determine whether the credit can be given equivalency in their home province. Equivalency will vary from province to province and from course to course
    For a student who is external to LCS--once the application is submitted, how long will it be until the decision is received?
    We meet weekly to review applications. Students external to LCS are required to submit a reference letter and recent report card.  Applications cannot be reviewed until that documentation has been received, so be sure to encourage your referee to complete the form quickly! Once we have received all the necessary documents your application will be reviewed and a decision will be communicated. 

    Is there a registration deadline for any of the programs? 
    There is no firm registration deadline, but we will be closing enrolment on programs when they are full. We suggest that you register as early as possible in order to secure your choice of sessions. Unless the website says a session is full, that program remains open to registrants. 

    What forms of payment are accepted? 
    Payment is by credit card, and we accept Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX.  

    Can LCS students pay for summer programming at the same time as paying for their 2021/22  academic year tuition? 
    Unfortunately, no. The billing process for summer programs is separate from that of the school year.

    Is tax included in the program costs?
  • Registration Changes after Enrolment

    Can students who register for the day programming stay for evening activities? They look like so much fun! 
    Yes.  This type of arrangement can be considered on an individual basis; however, it would require committing to the evening program for the duration of the course (not just an evening here and there). There would be some additional cost (mostly related to having the evening meal on campus). Please contact to discuss.

    Refund Policies
    Refunds depend on circumstances. Please review the information below.

    Travel Restrictions/Visa
    Despite the challenges that the world has faced as a result of COVID-19, we remain incredibly grateful to be in a position that has allowed us to continue with in-person instruction. We will endeavour to do the same for our 2021 LCS Summer Academy & Programs with the appropriate safety precautions in place to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students and community.
    Full refunds will be provided to families in the event of summer programming cancellation or the inability of a student to enter Ontario, Canada due to government travel restrictions. As well, should we need to significantly alter our summer programming activities or content we will communicate changes as early as possible and allow families to withdraw or defer registration with no financial penalty. 
    Student Change of Plans
    For all Summer Academy Programs (aside from our Global Online Academy Courses), we will provide full refunds until April 30th, 2021. From May 1st until less than 25% of program completion, a refund of 50% can be received. After 25% or more of the program is completed, no refund will be given. 

    What if there aren’t enough students to run a program?
    We will make every effort to meet our minimum enrolment number for each course/program. However, if there are fewer than 5 students enrolled in a specific program, we will need to cancel that session. Decisions about cancelling programs where enrolment is low will be communicated to families by May 30 and we will make every effort to provide you with alternative options.

    Withdrawal and Credit Courses/Transcript
    For students in Grade 9 and 10 courses who withdraw after their course has begun, the course will not appear on their Ontario transcript no matter when they withdraw.  

    For students in Grade 11 and 12, the course will not appear on their Ontario transcript provided they withdraw earlier than five instructional days after receiving their mid-term report for the course. If the student withdraws after that time, the withdrawal is noted with a W on the transcript, and the percentage mark at the time of withdrawal is recorded.
  • General Program Questions

    What is the average class size?
    Lakefield College School prides itself in offering small intimate classes with strong student support and close student-teacher relationships. 

    Global Online Academy courses have an average student teacher ratio of 20:1.

    What is the time expectation for blended courses while students are working remotely or for online courses?
    Students should anticipate working approximately 4-5 hours per day on their course while working remotely. The teachers will arrange live (synchronous) meetings with students, and there will be a combination of synchronous and asynchronous work.
    What credit is earned through taking the Learning English through the Outdoors course?
    Upon successful completion of the Learning English through the Outdoors course, students receive an Ontario Secondary School course credit in English as a Second Language (ESLCO). 
    Do your programs require minimum English proficiency?
    Yes. Any student external to LCS for whom English is not a primary language will be required to complete a language proficiency assessment prior to admission to ensure that they will be able to function safely and successfully in the Summer Academy. We will send you the web-based assessment when we acknowledge your application. 

    How do you ensure day and overnight participants build community in your on-campus programs?
    There will be community gatherings daily (in the size permitted by public health), including morning outdoor Chapel, lunch and waterfront gatherings. These shared experiences offer time for reflections, check-ins and community building.

    Students will have ample opportunity to engage with each other during course time, as collaboration, project-based learning, and authentic learning outdoors form part of each course. During the afternoons, we mix it up and students have the chance to interact with each other outside in athletic and outdoor activities. 

    Are there exams or culminating projects for all credit course programs? 
    All credit course programs will have either a culminating project or a final exam. There are no mid-term exams, but there will be numerous assessments, large and small, throughout the course.
    How will student progress be reported? 
    All students in credit courses will receive a midterm and final report card, with a grade, comment, and learning skills. These reports will be available electronically.

    Who will be teaching and staffing summer programming? What are their credentials? 
    All academic courses are taught by certified teachers who have their B.Ed. degrees. Teachers have relevant experience for the particular course area in which they are teaching.
    Afternoon, Evening and Overnight Activity Staff Head Counsellors have or are working towards a relevant undergraduate degree or post-secondary diploma, have experience in a residential camp, boarding school, or coaching environment, and are certified in First Aid and CPR/AED, and have Mental Health First Aid training, as well as relevant certifications to their assigned area (e.g., waterfront will have NLS requirement). 
    Student counsellors have First Aid and CPR/AED training as well as relevant certifications and experience to their assigned area (e.g., waterfront will have NLS requirement).
  • Logistics and Policies

    Are students required to have their own computer? What technology is required?
    For all programs where there is a credit course involved, students should plan to bring an Apple compatible laptop. Our Information Services department will support students in accessing the school network and any relevant software programs.

    Students in Grade 9 Prep should bring a cell phone, but do not need a laptop or computer.

    The Dance Intensive program does not have any technology requirements.

    Please note: all students, day and overnight, should have access to a cell phone or computer where they can complete a COVID assessment each morning, if required based on public health requirements at the time of programming. 
    Some of the courses have overnight camping. What are the expectations for day students in this case?
    For any of the camping excursions, all students, day and overnight, are expected to participate fully. The pricing reflects this arrangement. Location of the camping experiences depends on the program, but most camping experiences will be local.
    Are all programs Monday - Friday? 
    No. Our programs are run as intensive experiences, and only two--Dance Intensive and Grove Prep for Gade 9--are Monday to Friday only.

    The Learning Languages through the Outdoors courses run seven days/week, although students will have quiet days when they can catch up and take time for themselves--not necessarily on a weekend day. The exact schedule will be available in June.

    The Seed-to-Table course and the Blended Learning courses have classes Mondays through Saturdays for the in-person part of the course: three Saturdays in total for Seed-to-Table students, and one Saturday only for blended learning students. Day and overnight students must attend scheduled Saturday classes and activities programming. 
    What will weekend programming look like for overnight students on days when there are no classes?
    Students will have a full schedule on non-class days, with some time allotted to study, some to recreation/free time, and some to excursions in the local community, COVID-permitting.
    Will there be bussing for day students?
    Currently there is no bussing available for day students for our summer program. If the number of day students makes it viable, we would consider providing bussing from a central pick-up in Peterborough at an additional cost. 

    What does a daily schedule look like?
    A sample Monday through Saturday schedule for overnight and day students in blended courses, Grove Prep for Grade 9, and Seed-to-Table would follow the pattern below. Languages through the Outdoors programs differ because of camping excursions and language immersion, and the Dance Intensive program will have a unique dance-specific schedule.

    SAMPLE Schedule: 
    7:45 - 8:15 am
    8:15 - 8:25 am
    Day Student Drop-Off
    8:30 - 8:45 am
    8:50 - 12:30 pm
    Class Time
    12:30 - 1:15 pm
    1:30 - 4:30 pm
    Camp Activities
    4:30 - 5:30 pm
    Free Time and Day Student Pick-Up
    5:30 - 6:00 pm
    6:00 - 7:45 pm
    Evening Outdoor Event
    8:00 - 9:45 pm
    9:45 - 10:15 pm
    Snack and Reflection
    10:30 pm
    Lights Out

    Do you have a list of the sports students will have the opportunity to practice during the program?
    Students will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of sports. We will focus on individual technical skills, and also have the opportunity for gameplay. Examples of sports and activities include soccer, basketball, tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, field hockey, windsurfing, sailing, swimming, stand-up paddleboarding, and canoeing. 
    What is the LCS Summer Academy & Program’s policy on use of mobile phones? Are students allowed to use them while at the Summer Academy? 
    Yes, students may bring their mobile phone with them. LCS will provide students with guidelines for their use. At certain times (during class, when on camping trips, after lights out, during meals, during morning Chapel), students will not be permitted to have access to their phones. 

    To encourage healthy sleeping habits, all LCS Summer Academy & Program Students will be asked to turn in their technology to the residential staff on duty prior to lights out. 

    What is the dress code while on campus?
    There is no uniform required for our Summer Academy, but during the academic portion of the schedule and at all meals, campers should be in clean casual dress. In summer months, clean casual clothes would include lightweight pants, shorts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts with sneakers or sturdy sandals. Breathable, quick-dry materials are best for outdoors activities. During special programming, campers will be instructed what attire is required (i.e., camping trips, swimming, ropes course and field trips). 

    Students are expected to be outdoors every day in all weather, so must dress for weather conditions and wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy and safe movement. Staff will help students to prepare proper clothing and supplies prior to the activities. The packing list will indicate appropriate and inappropriate clothing choices.

    Will attendance be taken?
    Attendance at classes and all scheduled activities is compulsory (including afternoon programming, excursions, and camping trips). Should a student need to miss class time or activity time for a personal or medical reason, they must report to their Residential Staff on duty or to their teacher and arrangements will be made for the student to receive the required support. Any unreported absence from classes or scheduled program activities will result in an Unexcused Absence, and parents will be informed. 

    What if a student needs to miss a block of time?
    Summer Academy courses are condensed and move very quickly. A student would probably be able to catch up from missing one or two days of classes, but more than that would make it very difficult to complete the course successfully.
  • Overnight Programming

    Will you send me a packing list? 
    Yes. This information will be shared closer to the program start--but in lots of time to make any purchases needed. 

    For students travelling by plane, what time should their flights arrive? Will you pick them up at the airport? 
    Jen Horrigan, our Coordinator of International Students and Travel, will be happy to advise on transportation arrangements. You should contact her directly at She will arrange airport pickup, quarantine if required, and any other travel needs.

    A couple of the programs mentioned camping. Do students need to bring camping equipment or will this be provided? 
    General camping equipment--tents, paddles, canoes, stoves--will be provided, but individual camping items may be required (e.g., headlamp, biodegradable soap, etc.). These individual items will be on the packing list and we will provide examples of where these items can be purchased.

    When should students be dropped off for the overnight programs? 
    Students should plan to arrive at the LCS campus between 6:30 and 9:30 the evening before programming starts. Note that dinner is not provided that evening, but there will be snacks available for students who arrive late.
    When should we pick up our child from LCS Summer Academy if they are part of the overnight program?
    Students should be picked up between 4:30-6:30 pm on the last day of programming.
    How are roommates selected?
    Currently, we have set aside our newest, fully air-conditioned residences--Cooper and Uplands--for our overnight summer students. Students can expect to have one, or possibly two, roommates. We will do our best to match students by grade and interest, and will also need to follow any applicable Public Health requirements related to COVID-19 when assigning rooms.
    How many students per tent for the camping portion?
    Overnight students will share a tent with their roommates from residence (so 2 -3 persons/tent).

    Day student participants will have their own tent.
    Will LCS students be placed in the same room that will be assigned to them in the fall?
    No. Students will be placed in Uplands and Cooper houses only. We will support students in moving belongings into storage and to their residence when the program ends.
    What about laundry?
    Laundry services are available to overnight campers (included in Summer Academy fees) once per week. Students will be given laundry bags to sort their clothing and clothes needing to be laundered will be picked up on the assigned day and returned within a 48 hour period. Expensive and special care clothing should be sent to a local dry cleaner (at the student’s cost) as LCS Summer Academy cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items. Coin-operated machines are also available, for student use, in the residence. 
  • Health and Safety

    Is the Summer Academy Ontario Camping Association (OCA) regulated? 
    The Lakefield Summer Academy adheres to all the health and safety policies applicable to operating an independent, primarily boarding school. Our safety policies and procedures are accredited by CAIS (Canadian Association of Independent Schools). Although we are not OCA certified (as we operate as a school, not a summer camp), we are very familiar with their policies and meet or exceed their expectations routinely.

    We also follow ORCKA and OPHEA regulations for waterfront and physical activities and all local public health guidelines.

    Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? 
    Our dining hall services, provided by Aramark, routinely accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. Students will be asked about any dietary restrictions in a follow-up survey after registration (for current LCS students, this information is already on file with the school). Once we are aware of a student’s needs, we can work with dining hall services to accommodate.

    Health Care on Campus 
    Medical attention is available to students in the Summer Academy through the Peterborough Regional Health Centre (off campus--20 minute drive).  In addition, all Summer Academy staff have current First Aid and CPR training. 
    All residences, programs, and activities have First Aid kits on site. 
    Can students with bee allergies attend LCS summer programming? 
    We are accustomed to having a number of students on campus each year who have anaphylactic reactions. For any allergy, it is essential that its existence and severity is documented on our medical information forms. Students who do not have health information on record prior to arriving on campus for their session will not be allowed to take part in the summer program.

    Students who have anaphylactic reactions also will be required to bring two epipens (one to carry with them, and one available from Health Centre staff), and we will also have one available in our First Aid kits at program stations.

    How far is the nearest hospital? 
    The nearest hospital is the Peterborough Regional Health Centre, which is 20 minutes away.

    COVID Procedures and Protocols
    Lakefield College School has worked closely with the local public health unit and a team of health experts to keep both our day and boarding students safe and healthy since the pandemic began. Our general safety procedures, which we will follow for the duration of the Summer Academy, can be found here.

    We will continue to develop and refine policies related to testing, cohorting, and other COVID-related protocols in adherence with local public health guidelines as the spring progresses. You can expect an update in June that will make clear any requirements we may have for incoming students, including testing prior to arrival on campus.
  • Online Courses

    Are online portions of courses taught live or pre-recorded?
    A combination of live (synchronous instruction) and pre-recorded (asynchronous) sessions will be offered within a course. For online courses, teachers will arrange times to meet synchronously with their students at least twice weekly.
    How will students joining from a different time zone access the online courses?
    Our teachers are experienced with teaching across multiple time zones. Students will be able to access the course (24 hours per day) from wherever they are as long as they have access to high speed internet. At the commencement of the course, the teacher will arrange to meet with all of the students in the class, taking into consideration the various time zones. 
    What is the expectation for time spent online for courses?
    All Ontario credit courses require 110 hours of instruction. For online courses, students should anticipate at least 4-5 hours per day of time devoted to the course throughout its duration--in independent studying, collaborating with other students, and virtual classes.
    Teachers will arrange times to meet with their class that accommodate the various time zones of their students, and students can anticipate at least two live (synchronous) meetings per week. Teachers will also have hours available for individual check-ins with students. 
    For Global Online Academy (GOA) courses, all actual instruction is asynchronous. However, there are projects that students will need to complete synchronously with other members of their class.
    What are the online expectations for online programs?
    Students are required to attend all synchronous meetings, and missing these meetings will be documented as an unexcused absence (and parents will be notified). 
    Are there midterm and final exams? Group projects?
    All credit course programs will have either a culminating project or a final exam. There are no mid-term exams, but there will be numerous assessments, large and small, throughout the course. LCS places a high value on collaboration, so students can expect some group work.

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