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Making the decision to research private schools can be both exciting, a little intimidating and let’s face it, possibly even a little exhausting. Why is the admissions process so involved? Schools create their admission processes to help make sure that you enrol at a school that best suits the interests and goals of you and your family. Selecting a school can help to shape your future in countless ways. From living out community values and inspiring character development, to preparation for life after high school, to providing an environment to develop life-long friendships. When a decision can have such a large impact on your future it’s important to engage in a meaningful admissions and search process.

In order to infuse a little extra fun into the school search experience, whenever possible, you’re highly encouraged to visit each school’s campus. In terms of learning about a school, very little tops having an opportunity to tour a school with a current student. There may be one thing though, and that’s spending an entire day on campus attending classes and co-curricular activities.

Whether you’re entering kindergarten for the first time or your final year of high school, the first day of classes (let alone a first visit at a new school) can bring on first day jitters. We like to think of that nervous energy as excitement for what the day will bring. Just like the admissions process, spending a day on campus can bring about lots of emotions. On top of that, if you’re like many students, thinking about spending a day on campus will bring about a lot of questions. What should I wear? Should I participate in class? What if I don’t make a connection with my chaperone?

This guide has been created to help answer these questions and more. Let’s get started!
We invite you to consult our free guide "Top Tips for Making the Most of your Campus Visit Day", which will help you prepare for on-campus or virtual visits.

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