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Hear from our Families

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  • Griffin Mbonda '23

    “The people at LCS are what makes the school what it is. The teachers genuinely care about their jobs and the students they teach. There are always extra help opportunities and there is always a solid support system. The Heads of House, Advisors, and faculty are additional groups of people that can help outside of academics as well. They are there to help guide you on the right path while being there for you if/when you need it. There are many other staff that work at LCS like the Dining Hall staff and the custodians who are without a doubt some of the nicest people you will meet.”
  • Micaiah Ejim '25

    "The people at LCS are so supportive. They all play so many different roles to make sure that I succeed. Everyone here is so caring and loving. They only want to see you learn and grow into the best person you can be.”
  • Jud McGowan '25

    “I am grateful for everyone at LCS. When I say everyone, I mean everyone. From our Head of School, Ms. Kee, who led LCS through challenging times, our Aramark staff who make sure we are all fed with delicious meals, to our facilities staff who work hard to keep the campus looking great and keep our outdoor rink cleared and in great shape, I am truly grateful for all of the people at LCS.”

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  • Halle Lawson '21

    “Lakefield isn’t just a setting for students to attend class every morning, Lakefield is a place students want to be. The staff here go above and beyond to demonstrate their genuine care and dedication to every student. I didn’t realize a teacher could be more than a teacher before I came to Lakefield.”
  • Jack Freeman '21

    “When I stepped into the Lakefield community I entered a version of high school I never knew existed. It had a camp-like feel where during class you went canoeing, ate lunch at the waterfront and chilled at campfires at night. Lakefield is a place where everyone embraced each other’s differences.”
  • Tori Whittemore '21

    "Going to Lakefield fostered a whole new approach and mindset to learning; the teachers and people I have met while attending this school have helped me grow extraordinarily as a person."

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  • Enrica Geloso '20

    "LCS has given me what I need to grow and thrive. Most importantly, LCS has given me a safe place to be myself."
  • Santiago Paz '20

    "When I first came into LCS I really felt like I belonged and like I was in the place I was supposed to be."
  • Ximena Meneses Castillo '20

    "Here at Lakefield, I’ve had some of my best memories. I’ve made most of my best friends and it’s something that I will always be thankful for."

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  • Mbonda Family

    "LCS rests on a balance of academics, athletics, art and community building. By valuing and actively participating in all 4 pillars, our child continues to position himself very well for a rewarding and fulfilling university and social life."

  • Porcar Family

    "The LCS team is amazing, and we have had the opportunity to see it very clearly throughout 2020. They are able to do the best in the most complex scenarios, and they put the student as the main focus in everything while maintaining a familiar environment - this makes the student feel at home."


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  • Jake Fell '15

    "So many people in this community are committed to making the LCS experience exceptional for everyone. If you have an idea, there are people in the community who will help you. There is really nothing you shouldn’t try, because so many of the awesome LCS opportunities that we have come to accept now, must once have started with an idea."
  • Madison Sheward '18

    "Coming to Lakefield College School in Grade 10 was such a pivotal moment in my life, one that I believe has forever changed my view on what I am capable of and of my ability to make a difference in the world. At LCS, we are surrounded by amazing teachers and incredible opportunities, and every day I am pushed to grow as a student and as a person. What more could a student possibly hope for from their education! I am truly appreciative of the incredible impact made by our teachers who inspire us to be ourselves, be leaders, and to believe that anything is possible."
  • Sydney Belford '17

    "It was the leaders at the school, students in the School Life Class, my teachers, the staff—it was the people that made The Grove feel like home to me—they have been my Lakefield difference. I aspired to be this person for new incoming students and that is what I worked towards in my final year at Lakefield. The lessons I have learned will stay with me forever."

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  • Cantelon Family

    "Thanks to LCS, we've been able to connect with other like-minded families from other countries. The incredible teachers help to create an encouraging learning environment that has a teen-focused approach. Students learn to think outside the box while experiencing all that LCS has to offer."
  • Milla Family

    "LCS has a wealth of experience preparing students for university/college. They guide students to help them make choices according to their strengths and what they like to do."
  • Uzel Family

    "LCS challenges students with opportunities to discover. The values-based, positive school culture promotes comprehensive personal development. The school instills a discipline of hard-work along with providing flexibility so students can pursue areas of individual interest and achieve the fullest possible realization of their individual potential."

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  • Asheesh Momi '16

    "Lakefield College School is an excellent place to learn. You can genuinely tell that all of the teachers really care about you. Whether you’re struggling to keep up, or at the top of the class, they’ll keep you engaged and make sure you learn as much as possible. Furthermore, you are not just taught facts, figures and rules, your teachers ensure critical skills that help you beyond the course, whether it’s how to critically analyze information or how to intelligently voice your opinion."
  • Bianca Bell '06

    "What LCS has given me in life is unquantifiable. The friendships I made, the education I received, the trips I went on, the people I met— and the people I continue to meet through the Grove community—all got me where I am today; which is sitting in the boardroom of the law firm where I work as a lawyer. My life wouldn’t be where it is without LCS."
  • Kristian Paschalis '17

    "To say that Lakefield has been the highlight of my high school career would be a complete understatement. Lakefield has completely changed my life from mediocre to extraordinary and exciting. I have never truly felt about school the way I do currently. LCS was my home, the staff and students my family."

School Information

4391 County Road 29, Lakefield Ontario K0L 2H0   705.652.3324   admissions@lcs.on.ca


Lakefield College School is a private, coeducational boarding and day school for students in grades 9 through 12, located in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada.

We respectfully acknowledge that Lakefield College School is located on the Treaty 20 Michi Saagiig territory and in the traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig and Chippewa Nations, collectively known as the Williams Treaties First Nations, which include: Curve Lake, Hiawatha, Alderville, Scugog Island, Rama, Beausoleil, and Georgina Island First Nations.
Lakefield College School respectfully acknowledges that the Williams Treaties First Nations are the stewards and caretakers of these lands and waters in perpetuity and that they continue to maintain this responsibility to ensure their health and integrity for generations to come.

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