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Standard of Dress

Living and learning through relationships is a cornerstone of our community. Students and staff worked together to create a dress standard that minimizes negative interactions, promotes healthy and positive relationships and enables students to feel comfortable and confident in their learning environment.Lakefield College School prides itself on a dress standard that is gender-inclusive and provides its students with comfortable, flexible clothing in order to embrace our strategic directions of Outdoors Every Day, Authentic Learning, and Community First.  

Staff are expected to adhere to the same standard of dress as students. Should a student have questions, concerns or ideas about the school dress standard they are encouraged to engage in dialogue with any staff member to have their voice heard.

This dress standard outlines the clothing needed at Lakefield College School for all program activities. Students must be in standard or formal dress in the school block during the academic day (from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm).

In keeping with its environmental value, Lakefield seeks corporate partners for dress that manufacture clothing in Canada or that make a strong commitment to sustainability in their business practices, or both. Many of our clothing pieces are manufactured by Top Marks, and students may also purchase pieces of Standard Dress from School Stores and preferred supplier Mountain Equipment Company.

To further reduce our environmental impact, the school encourages students to donate gently used Standard Dress and Formal Dress items that are no longer needed. Students may bring donation items to School Stores throughout the school year. 

All clothing must be clean and in good repair.

What to Wear

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  • Formal Dress

    Formal Dress is worn at least once a week, on special occasions, and for some designated school trips. Top Marks is currently the exclusive supplier of our Formal Dress.

    Green blazer (Grades 9-11) or Navy blazer (Grade 12) with crest, white oxford cloth button-down shirt, and school tie 

    Grey flannel pants with black or brown belt and black, brown or navy socks

    Pleated skirt in Mackenzie tartan and navy knee socks or tights. Modesty shorts must be worn under skirts. 


    Black or brown dress shoes. No athletic/running shoes or sandals. 


    Students may wear LCS 'Spirit Wear' tops on Saturdays. Spirit Wear is defined as Paper House, House, Club or Sports team shirts, sweaters and hoodies. 

    Note: Students must wear Standard Dress bottoms with their 'Spirit Wear' on Saturdays.
  • Standard Dress Tops

    Standard Dress tops are available for purchase only from Top Marks or School Stores. Families may order tops in advance from the School Stores website, and can pick these items up on arrival at the school.
    • Top Marks white oxford cloth shirt (long or short-sleeved)
    • Top Marks white or navy polo shirt (long or short-sleeved)
    • Top Marks navy pullover v-neck sweater (a classroom dress shirt must be worn underneath)
    • Top Marks navy heavy-weight polar fleece pull-over
    • School Stores-supplied LCS quarter-zip sweatshirt in green, navy, or white
    • School Stores-supplied LCS crewneck sweatshirt in red, green and navy. Must be worn with a collared LCS shirt underneath.
    • School Stores-supplied LCS hoodies in red, green, and navy. Hoodies must be worn with a collared LCS shirt underneath. AT NO TIME SHOULD THE HOOD BE WORN OVER THE HEAD DURING CLASS, IN THE DINING HALL, CHAPEL OR DURING COMMUNITY TIME.
    • School Stores-supplied LCS rugby shirt
    • School Stores-supplied active-wear quarter zip in red, green or navy
    • A wicking layer t-shirt (e.g., UnderArmour, not cotton) may be worn under sweatshirts/fleece for outdoor education, physical education, drama, or dance classes)
  • Standard Dress Bottoms

    The Standard Dress for bottoms is black pants that allow for freedom of movement and meets the standard noted above in practicality of purpose and appropriate in appearance. Students may choose black pants, shorts, skirts or skorts that best meet their needs and fit. Out preferred suppliers are Top Marks and MEC. Black bottoms appropriate for Standard Dress from other suppliers must be:

    • Solid black with no additional colour or transparency
    • Have no excessive branding
    • Made from an 'active wear' fabric that has stretch and is synthetic (not cotton) for quick-drying and ease of movement

    • Athletic/running shoes
    • Seasonally appropriate hard-soled shoes or boots
    • Hard-soled sandals (e.g. Birkenstocks)
    • Dress shoes
    Flip Flops, slippers or slides are not acceptable. Socks must be worn from Thanksgiving to Easter.

Additional Guidelines

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  • Clean Casuals

    Students may change into Clean Casuals after classes end each day. On Clean Casual academic days, students may make a donation to a school-selected charity in return for the privilege of wearing clean casual dress. 

    Clean casual clothing must also be clean and in good repair. 
    All students are expected to be dressed in an appropriate manner at all times. Clothing that contravenes the school’s standards and values will have to be changed and may be confiscated depending upon the severity of the offence. Examples of inappropriate clothing would include but are not limited to clothing with racist, profane, homophobic or hate speech messages, or clothing that promotes alcohol or drug consumption. 

    Bathing suits may only be worn at the waterfront. Out of respect for all members of our community, clothing that looks like underwear must not be visible. 

    As always, when in Clean Casual dress, hats, toques and hoods are not to be worn in the School Block.
  • Dress in the Dining Hall

    For safety and hygienic reasons, the following standards must be followed for dress in the Dining Hall: 

    • Footwear must be worn. No cleats allowed. 
    • A student must change after a sports practise before they enter 
  • Hair and Body

    Student hair should be regularly washed, kept clean and brushed or combed at all times. Students are to maintain proper facial hygiene by keeping their beards shaven or well washed and trimmed. 
  • Headwear and Scarves

    When indoors, hats, toques, scarves, and hoods are not considered acceptable dress. Exceptions to the school’s headwear and scarves standards will be made in accordance with religious beliefs. 
  • Jewellery, Piercings and Tattoos

    Jewellery, piercings and tattoos are expected to align with the standards and values of our school community. Students may be asked to remove or cover any piece that contravenes the school’s values. Jewellery should be tasteful and moderate and appropriate for the learning activities of the day. 

    For safety and hygienic reasons, students are not permitted to have any piercing or tattoo work done while they are in the care of the school. If a student wishes to have a tattoo or piercing, they must have this work done over a break that is longer than seven days in order to ensure parental awareness, appropriate hygienic care and healing of the wound. A student who receives a piercing while under the care of the school will be asked to remove it immediately and parents will be contacted. Any piercing that is a continuous wound (i.e. tongue, nipple, etc.) is not permitted. 
  • Scent-Free School

    The school upholds a scent-free policy, all hair and body spray products must be in keeping with the scent-free standard. Students may be immediately asked to address any issues that may compromise this standard. 

To Order:

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  • Top Marks Canada

    Please complete your new Top Marks formal and standard dress orders directly through the Top Marks website using our school code: LCS01. The school will help with exchanges if necessary upon arrival to school if the exchanges cannot be accommodated prior to arrival.
  • School Stores

    Families may purchase standard dress tops from School Stores online or on campus upon arrival at the school.

    To order any items for delivery outside of North America, please visit the school stores website to view available items, then contact School Stores by phone at 705.652.3324 ext. 340 between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday (Wednesdays the store closes at 2:00 pm).
  • Replay Shop

    Gently used uniform pieces are available at a reduced cost, as well as loaners for short-term exchange students. The Replay Shop is located in School Stores, where students or families may come in and browse the shops' available items any time the School Store is open.

    Donate your used uniform pieces (all clothing must be clean and in good repair) by bringing them to the School Store or dropping them off at designated collection times in the dorms. All items will be cleaned and sold as they become available. Proceeds from the Replay Shop support projects that directly benefit the students. 

    Please contact the Replay Shop by email for assistance.
  • Mountain Equipment Company (MEC)

    In keeping with its environmental value, Lakefield seeks corporate partners for dress that manufacture clothing in Canada or that make a strong commitment to sustainability in their business practices, or both.

    Loose fitting solid black bottoms with synthetic 'active wear' stretch fabric can be purchased from the Mountain Equipment Company's online store.

School Information

4391 County Road 29, Lakefield Ontario K0L 2H0   705.652.3324   admissions@lcs.on.ca


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