Hear from the Porcar Family

Hear from the Porcar Family on why they choose Lakefield College School for their family. 

"LCS is very professional and at the same time like a big family surrounded by nature.  LCS encourages students to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to have a balanced spirit where knowledge, social life, sports and arts support the growth of future talents."
If you had to tell a friend one reason why you chose LCS, what would you say?
Alejandra (our first daughter) chose LCS for 10th grade after interviewing with many schools. We asked Alejandra why? Why not a closer school? We were initially reluctant, she said because they are "really waiting for me, I only had this feeling with LCS". Alejandra went to LCS for three lovely academic years, and Maria (our second daughter) is following the same path.

What do you love most about the LCS community?
LCS is very professional and at the same time is a big family surrounded by nature, LCS encourages the students to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to have a balanced spirit where knowledge, social life, sport and arts support the growth of the incredible future talents.

What is one word that best describes LCS? Why did you choose that word?
Curiosity: desire to know. Both of our daughters arrived at LCS with 15, as teenagers the challenge in our case was to generate curiosity in them, the desire to learn and experience. We are very proud because both of them have curiosity and this makes them grow.

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a result of their experience at LCS?
We have seen that Alejandra and Maria are achieving a high level of self-confidence because the LCS experience. In addition, they are laughing and enjoying themselves like kids, with many memorable moments and adventures. We love to see them really happy.

How is LCS preparing your child for university or life (or both)?
Regarding the university Alejandra is studying Architecture at the University she chose and granted a scholarship. LCS supported always from the very beginning, to identify the right career, this was a challenge, and to apply to the Universities.

After joining the LCS community, what did you find most surprising about the school?
The LCS team is amazing, and we have had the opportunity to see it very clearly throughout 2020. They are able to do the best in the most complex scenarios, and they put the student as the main focus in everything while maintaining a familiar environment - this makes the student feel at home.

What advice would you give to students just entering LCS?
Enjoy it because you are privileged and get to know everybody.

How has your family benefitted from being a part of the LCS community?
We have very fluent communication with LCS, and all the support for everything (birthdays, medical appointments, advice...) this helps us to feel close to our daughters even though the physical distance and knowing they are in the best hands.

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