Orientation Essentials

Packing List

What to Bring to School

Each student receives a bed, desk, chair, a set of drawers and hanging closet space. Bed linen, a pillow and laundry bags are also supplied for each student though you may want to bring an extra set. Please remember that space is limited. The following is a list of suggested items that may help you to best pack your child for school.

Necessary Items (All students)

  • Hangers
  • Towels
  • Toiletries
  • Standard Dress and Formal Dress uniforms and dress shoes
  • Casual clothes (jeans, casual pants, t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, casual shoes, sandals, etc.)
  • Clothing suitable for Outdoor Education classes – includes hiking boots, loose comfortable old clothing that can be layered in cold weather
  • Bathing suit
  • Windbreaker/rain jacket
  • Winter jacket
  • Winter outerwear – mitts, toque, winter boots
  • Pajamas/bathrobe
  • Underwear, socks
  • Athletic wear (depending on individual sports interests)
  • Indoor non-marking sneakers/athletic shoes (for gym use)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat (e.g. Thermarest)
  • Alarm clock (separate from your phone)
  • There are occasional events, such as the Semi Formal for which students may wish to bring ‘nice’ clothes (dress, jacket, dress pants)
  • Air tight food container for snacks in residence (e.g. Rubbermaid bins)
  • Personal safe or lock box
  • Cloth facemasks (minimum 3)
  • Hand sanitizer (1)

Optional Items

Please see “Residential Guidelines” on the online eRegistration system
  • Personal bedding, including pillow and duvet with removable, washable covers (all beds are "Twin Extra Long" - 38" x 80")
  • Small fridges (CSA-approved for safety purposes)
  • Decorations for room (posters, plants, photos). Students may decorate the walls with posters/pictures that are appropriate and consistent with the school's values
  • Sticky Tack (please note that thumb tacks are not permitted)
  • Hairdryer
  • Laundry soap (for students who wish to do their own laundry, residences have coin-operated washers and dryers available to them)
  • An extension cord (which must be inspected and CSA-approved for safety purposes – one power bar per student)

Items Not Permitted

  • Televisions, monitors, gaming systems
  • Halogen lamps, or desk lamps that may prove to be a fire hazard
  • Cooking equipment and appliances (kettles, toasters, immersion heaters and microwaves). The common room in every residence has a microwave and kettle for student use
  • Candles/incense (open flames are not permitted in any room due to fire code/safety regulations)
  • Furniture

Outdoor Gear

List of 5 items.

  • Layered Clothing

    The best approach to dressing for the outdoors is a system that allows the student to add and remove layers of clothing as the temperature changes. The three main layers are the following:

    Wicking Layer: This layer stays directly against the skin and wicks away moisture from the skin. For example: polypro underwear, quick dry nylon pants. Note: avoid cotton as it keeps moisture next to the skin.

    Insulation Layer: Suggested clothing includes a wool sweater or fleece jacket.

    Wind Layer: Wind-proof layer that protects student from wind and rain, for example: rain coat, Gore Tex jacket, or ski jacket in the winter.
  • Seasonal Differences

    Each season has different demands and challenges. Below is a list of clothing required for each:

    Spring / FallWinter 
    Wicking LayerPolypro underwear
    Non-cotton long sleeve shirt
    Quick dry shorts and pants
    Under Armour
    Polypro underwear
    Non-cotton long sleeve shirt
    Under Armour

    Insulation Layer     

    Wool or fleece sweater
    Fleece pants
    Fleece or down vest
    Wool or fleece sweater
    Fleece pants
    Fleece or down vest 
    Outer LayerRaincoat and rain pants
    Gore Tex or other windproof/
    water resistant jacket and ski pants

    Hiking boots
    Sturdy shoes x2 (old pair for water use)
    Wool and/or polypro socks
    winter boots (-40ºC rating with removable liner)
    wool and/or polypro socks

    Head, Face, Fingersball cap gloves sunglasses
    sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) toque
    gloves/mitts with waterproof shell and removable liner
    toque scarf/neck balaclava

    Please note that all students must have a sleeping bag rated to -20ºC. An insulated sleeping pad and a 30 litre Sealine dry bag are strongly recommended.
  • OE Bag

    Students are expected to arrive with a small “OE Backpack” that will contain the following items: 1 litre BPA free water bottle, sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), sunglasses, whistle, sun hat, extra layer of clothing, pen.
  • Unique OE Program Requirements

    Grade 10 Environmental Leadership
    (available to Grade 10 students and new Grade 11)
    The following gear is required. (We recommend that students first try to borrow from family, friends, or students who have completed this program in the past)

    Whitewater canoeing and river rescue: wet suit, wet shoes (closed-toed and in good condition)

    Grade 11/12 Leadership in Outdoor Recreation
    (available to Grade 12 and qualified Grade 11 students)
    The following gear is required. (We recommend that students first try to borrow from family, friends or students who have completed this program in the past)

    Winter Camping : -20ºC rated sleeping bag, Therm-A-Rest or sleeping pad, boots with removable liners rated to -40ºC
  • Finding the Gear

    School Stores has many of the items needed for orientation programs and outdoor education classes, as well as Wildrock Outfitters located in Peterborough, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) in Toronto and other major cities, and other similar retail outlets:

    • Wildrock Outfitters
      Toll free: 1.888.WILDROC (945.3762)
      Telephone: 705.745.9133
    • Mountain Equipment Co-op
      Toll Free (in North America): 1.888.847.0770
      Telephone: 604.876.6221 (International calls)
    • Canadian Tire 
      Telephone: 705.745.1388 (Chemong Road Store, Peterborough)
      Telephone: 705.742.0406 (Lansdowne Street West Store, Peterborough)
    • Mark's
      Telephone: 705.748.9570 (Lansdowne Street West Store, Peterborough)

School Information

4391 County Road 29, Lakefield Ontario K0L 2H0   705.652.3324   admissions@lcs.on.ca


Lakefield College School is a private, coeducational boarding and day school for students in grades 9 through 12, located in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada.

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Lakefield College School respectfully acknowledges that the Williams Treaties First Nations are the stewards and caretakers of these lands and waters in perpetuity and that they continue to maintain this responsibility to ensure their health and integrity for generations to come.

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