Building and Battling Robots

By Joe McRae

The LCS Robotics team has just finished another great season. This year our team built three robots to compete in the VEX Turning Point Competition and travelled to Brampton on February 2 to compete.  

Team members began by analyzing the game and developing a strategy for the competition. Once they had decided on their strategy teams got to work and have been working hard over the past two months to design, build, program and test their robots. Each team approached this problem from a different angle and we ended up with three amazing robots that could aim, shoot, lift, climb, defend and function autonomously.

In Brampton, all three teams played 7, two-minute matches, during a qualification round with great results; placing 12th, 26th and 38th out of 53 teams. The day was filled with many highlights like when during qualifications Arda Basara, David Williams and Jenny Zhu scored caps during their 3rd and 5th matches. This was a challenging task that many teams decided not to focus on while building their robots. Another highlight included watching our junior team of Sebastian Tyson, Joven Peralta, Jenis Kim and Wesley Sun work on improving their autonomous code throughout the day right up to the moment before their final match.

Each team was selected during a round of Alliance Selection to play in the playoffs and they all gave their best effort. The first playoff match saw our first team of Matt Zhang, Octavio Diaz, Kevin Gao, Eric Zang and Tuna Basara competing against teams from Leaside High School and Brampton Robotics Program. In the autonomous section of the match the teams were neck and neck with our team losing by one point. During the driver controlled portion of the match, Tuna showed off his driver skill by toggling flags, defending and shooting at targets. This was a very close match until the final seconds when the Leaside Robot climbed onto to top platform for 6 extra points, putting the match out of reach. What a great match!

Our second playoff match saw our other two teams competing together as the #13 seed against the #3 seed alliance from Brampton Robotics Education. Our two robots and drivers, Jenis Kim and David Williams fought hard during this match to score points and defend their positions, but they were overmatched against the alliance that ultimately went on to win the competition.  

What a great day of competition after a great season!
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