Free Writing Reflections: "Memory"

Ms. Thompson's Grade 10 English synchronous classes often begin with a free writing activity. Students are encouraged to write as much as possible about what they are living through right now. Some students have written letters to their future children, described Lakefield College School using metaphors, and written spoken word poetry about the things that are bothering them.

Recently, Harper '22 wrote a moving poem about the memories she's made at LCS:

"It's been a while since we've been at school and looking back on the past two years, most of my happiest memories have been spent at Lakefield. For my English free write topic of " A spoken word about something that has been bothering me" I thought a lot about how being away from Lakefield has made me realize how important it is to not take those things for granted. As I mentioned in my spoken word, we can replay these memories over and over again but each time they won't compare to the original. At times like these, it's easy to want to go back to certain points in our lives, but we need to work on living in the moment and enjoying while it's happening."

By Harper '22

To the nights spent at the waterfront and tan, freckled faces screaming the words to our favorite songs,
You are missed.
To carrying a canoe on my back in the pouring rain and sleeping in tents with my best friends.
You are missed.
To my dad teaching me how to ride a bike on a hot summer day in July.
You are missed.

Maybe at the time, I wished away your presence. Maybe I wished you would pass as quickly as possible. You have shaped me, created me into the person I am, yet I wish you away, but I will always remember you.

You are a reminder of my regret, the desire to feel those things again, to be with those people, to hear those songs for the first time, maybe even to go back and change some of it.

You are the library of unread books expressed through dreams, visions, music, and photos. I think about the desire to re-write the books again, with the recollection fresh in my mind like it once was. You can be replayed thousands of times, but each one inconsistent with the original, and with the honest truth I will never relive them again.

You are a teacher educating the lives of seven billion souls who wish for the opportunity to experience the things you possess one more time. And what can we learn from you? To make the most of it? To live every single day knowing that it is unique and beautiful and we will remember it through you.

You are my memory. The reminder of every passing day, the store stocked with shelves of information in all different shapes and colors, both exciting and frustrating, filled with good times and bad. You will be there, and you'll be the memory in someone else's mind when I am no longer here.
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