Anthony Boright ’83: “The Meandering Career Path of an Entrepreneur”

Mr. Moffatt’s Grade 12 International Business class welcomed Anthony Boright ’83 as a guest speaker this week. Mr. Boright shared how there are many roads to success as he explored different passions and interests throughout his career path, eventually entering entrepreneurship and co-founding in 2010. The business was sold in 2018 and he has been retired for two years.
Mr. Boright shared this advice to students:
  • Consider ongoing education as you advance through your career and take smaller segments of specialized education. 
  • Talk to people, ask questions, and learn more about the type of work that you are interested in doing. Connect with people face-to-face or over the phone and practice live conversations with strangers. These soft skills are invaluable.
  • Pursue a postsecondary degree; it may not lead directly to your next job, but it shows future employers' dedication and a willingness to work hard.
  • Don’t rush any decision to jump ship and move to a new company - any company has good days and bad days. Stick it out for at least two years and you’ll learn a lot from the experience.
  • When you move on to a new position, find somewhere that leverages all the things you enjoyed at your last role and less of what you didn’t enjoy.
  • “Accentuate your positives.” The thing that will make you excel at anything, whether it’s school, sports or work, is to find what you love most and do it.
In a post-class reflection, students shared how helpful it was to know that success has many paths and anyone can start being an entrepreneur at any age.

Hosting guest speakers is an invaluable opportunity for students to hear different international perspectives as well as engage with members of the LCS community. As our teaching staff work to make remote learning authentic and fun for our students, community members are welcome to participate. Complete our Guest Speakers and Q&A Periods survey if you are interested in getting involved.
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