Summer Programs Highlights

In Business and the Environment, students have been debating ethical dilemmas in the world of business, collaborating with one another, challenging and teaching each other. The class made a blog to debate these dilemmas such as:
  • Who knew the term "cookies" meant more than just the delicious things you bake?
  • Peninsula Farms and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Is it time to ban zoos?

Leadership in Sport has welcomed guest speakers to class to enrich learning for students. Ian Armstrong '83 shared the value of being a good teammate and team toughness as athletes, reminding students that "being a hard worker and knowing your role on a team" are key qualities to improving as an athlete. Max McEachern '13 spoke to students about how to be a well-rounded athlete: "It's so much more than just putting in the time for a workout. It's all those little things you do throughout the day that make you an athlete... waking up early, eating good meals, getting enough rest, speaking to your teachers and friends with respect, calling your mom once in a while to tell her you love her... those are all the things that are really important to being an athlete that are often overlooked."

For this summer module, the Mindful Movement focus has been the exploration of the five elements (earth, wood, metal, fire, water) within Daoism. Recent the class focused on cultivating the "wood" element and practiced with a tree! Students meditated by sitting against or facing a chosen tree. Faculty member Ms. Lorraine Brown explained: "The wood element is a revitalizing energy, the yin-yang of wood energy is both grounding and uplifting. So with our inhale, we ground, feel the connection with the roots of the tree beneath us and as we exhale, we feel that expansive energy and we lift upward into the sky. The healing colour associated with the wood element is green."

Ms. Rosborough shared how "In our Grade 10 Science Summer Academy course, we have been doing some online lab simulations. We were looking at types of cells, virtually learning how to use microscopes, and looking at the cell cycle and estimating the length of each phase of mitosis.”

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