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Lakefield College School has dozens of clubs and groups that cater to different interests and are led by either students, faculty, or a combination of both. The TALK Club is a student-led group focused on roundtable discussions designed to facilitate healthy debate and conversation.

We spoke to one of the TALK members to learn more about what’s involved with this group. Michael Cheaito ’21 said, “Unlike formal debate clubs, TALK doesn't have a rigid format and instead, is a free-flowing discussion. Topics can range from the future implications of ‘designer babies’ to the current effects of social media on mental health.”

This week, they held an informal discussion where they addressed multiple mini topics, including a debate about the best fast food restaurants. It was almost unanimously agreed upon that Subway is a superior fast food chain for its unique variety of toppings and infamous cookies. 

Conversation took a silly turn when the group debated on whether or not cereal should be classified as a soup. Eventually, the group came to the mind-bending realization that cereal with milk had the same properties as soup. Angus McAloon ’22 stated that “Factually, cereal is a subcategory of soup.” We’re not sure that we can agree with this conclusion but it was interesting to see the students actively engage and debate on a plethora of topics. Regardless of the question, everyone could contribute to the conversation in some way, leading to a lively discussion. 

We asked Michael ’21 about the origin of TALK and he remarked that the club was founded several years before he arrived at LCS but the current group of students reinstated the club by rallying faculty support to supervise their discussions. 

TALK is just one example of our students taking the initiative to create an open space where everyone is welcome and can contribute meaningfully. As we transitioned back to remote learning earlier this month, TALK club continues to thrive in the digital space. Students meet virtually once a week to keep the conversation going.
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