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LCS Stock Market Competition Celebrates 20th Annual Challenge with Impressive Returns

Lakefield College School recently concluded its highly anticipated 20th annual Stock Market Competition, a thrilling simulation that tested the financial acumen and trading skills of over 119 participants. Spanning a 14-week period from January 20, 2023, to April 28, 2023, this year's competition proved to be an engaging and enlightening experience amidst the challenging and uncertain times of the global market.

Participants were provided with a virtual investment of $100,000 and had the opportunity to trade in major international exchanges, presenting them with a plethora of investment opportunities to navigate. Divided into three divisions, including the Grade 11 Pre-AP Microeconomics class, the Grade 12 Analyzing Current Economic Issues class, and the Grade 12 AP Microeconomics Class, students showcased their expertise in economic analysis and strategic decision-making.

The stock market simulation aimed to replicate real-world trading scenarios, rewarding those who could decipher the complexities of the system. 

The individual securing the first-place position overall achieved an astounding return of 2,767.87% over the 14-week period. Extrapolating this performance to a year, their average return would reach a staggering 10,478.36%. Such an achievement demonstrates the extraordinary potential of consistent annualized returns, turning a $1,000 investment into $10 million within a year.

Non-Economics Students
Beyond the confines of economics-focused students, special recognition goes to Henry ’26, a non-economics student, who secured second place overall with an impressive return of 940.32% and 73 trades.

Grade 12 Economics Class
In the Grade 12 Economics class, Matteo ’23 claimed third place with a remarkable return of 258.17% from 75 trades, while Charlie ’23 achieved an outstanding 355.01% return from 208 trades, securing second place. Ben ’23 emerged as the first place winner for Grade 12 Economics, impressively generating a 576.44% return through 486 trades.

Grade 12 AP Microeconomics Class
Within the Grade 12 AP Microeconomics division, Amanda ’23 claimed third place with a noteworthy return of 26.94% despite making the fewest trades among the top contenders. Amrit ’23 achieved an impressive second place finish, generating a 33.09% return from 90 trades. The first place position in this division went to David ’23, who achieved an extraordinary return of 2,084.95% through 325 trades.

Grade 11 AP Prep Economics Class
In the Grade 11 AP Prep Economics class, Tom ’24 secured third place with a commendable 158.27% return from 97 trades, while Ethan ’24 claimed second place with a remarkable 198.48% return from 195 trades. Oliver ’24 emerged as the overall first place winner, achieving an astonishing return of 2,767.87% through 487 trades.

The LCS Stock Market Competition exemplified the commitment and talent of our students, showcasing their ability to navigate the intricacies of the financial world. As participants honed their investment strategies, they gained invaluable insights into the dynamic nature of global markets. 

Congratulations to all participants and winners for their exceptional performance and contributions to this milestone edition of the competition!
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