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Experience the Lakefield Difference: Introducing Our New Learning Support Classroom

At Lakefield College School, we understand the profound influence that our learning environment has on the overall learning experience. Thanks to the invaluable contributions of Rupel ’89 P ’22 ’23 and Marcy Ruparelia P ’22 ’23, we are proud to unveil our new Learning Support Classroom—a physical representation of our knowledge about how people learn and thrive.

Every aspect of the Learning Support Classroom has been meticulously designed with intention and purpose. Drawing upon insights from the learning sciences, we have made deliberate choices in every corner of the space to optimize the learning environment for our students and the adults working with them.

There are places around our campus that have beautiful open vaulted ceilings, and we know that spaces like this have been proven to stimulate big, creative thinking and innovation. In our new Learning Support Classroom, we have used an intentional paint technique to emphasize the lower ceilings in specific areas as research shows they promote deeper, focussed work, enabling students to immerse themselves in their studies with heightened concentration.

Colour and lighting play crucial roles in shaping the ambiance of the Learning Support Classroom. Thoughtful selections have been made to facilitate both focus and calmness, providing an ideal environment for students to engage in their learning journey. Moreover, the incorporation of plants and natural elements throughout the space nurtures a connection to nature, known to enhance cognitive function and promote a sense of wellbeing.

Recognizing that different learning needs require different spaces, we have ensured that the Learning Support Classroom caters to a variety of requirements. Collaborative group spaces encourage dynamic teamwork and effective communication, fostering the development of essential interpersonal skills. Quiet testing spaces provide an environment conducive to concentration and performance during assessments. Additionally, calm decompression spaces offer students a tranquil retreat where they can recharge and find respite from the demands of their academic schedule. For those seeking solace or a moment of introspection, our sound booth provides a sanctuary for personal reflection, or deep, focussed work.

We are immensely proud to create intentional student-focussed spaces in every area of the Learning Support Classroom. These spaces enable our dedicated Learning Support Team to provide enhanced support. By tailoring our learning environment to provide choice and to meet the unique needs of each individual, we empower students to unlock their full potential, reflect more deeply on who they are as learners, and maximize their learning experience.

However, what truly sets our Learning Support Classroom apart is its ability to draw people in. The generous donation from the Ruparelia family that made this exceptional space possible has transformed it into a campus destination that appeals to a wide range of individuals. It goes beyond serving students with identified learning differences; it fosters an inclusive environment that welcomes everyone. Through the removal of stigmas, this support enables us to build a space and a program that genuinely supports all students on their educational journey.

Together, we are building an educational community that embraces diversity, nurtures growth, and empowers every learner to thrive.
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