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Rosseau Lake College Regatta Day

This month, our 1st Sailing Team embarked on a thrilling adventure as they participated in a highly anticipated Regatta at Rosseau Lake College (RLC). The event marked a significant milestone in our schools' history, serving as the first regatta held between the two schools since 1973! RLC had emerged victorious in 1972, while LCS clinched the trophy in 1973. Now, 50 years later, the waters once again witnessed a fierce yet friendly competition.

A Revival of Tradition

The regatta, steeped in history and rivalry, brought together the best sailors from both schools, showcasing their skills, determination, and sportsmanship. As the boats gracefully cut through the water, the air was charged with excitement, echoing the spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition that defined the event.

A Triumph on the Water

Amidst the wind-whipped waves and under the vast expanse of the sky, our LCS Sailing Team demonstrated unparalleled teamwork, skill, and strategy. With unwavering determination and sheer perseverance, they maneuvered their boats expertly, racing against the clock and their opponents.

Victory for LCS

In a nail-biting competition that harked back to the historical rivalry between the schools, LCS emerged triumphant. With sheer grit and a passion for sailing, our team managed to secure victory, proudly walking away with the coveted trophy. The win not only celebrated their sailing prowess but also marked a moment of pride for our school, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in sports.

A Celebration of Sportspersonship

The regatta stood as a testament to the spirit of sportspersonship that defines both schools. Amidst the cheers, the laughter, and the shared love for sailing, students from LCS and RLC forged new friendships and strengthened existing bonds. The event was a reminder that while competition is essential, the values of mutual respect and camaraderie are equally significant.

Looking Ahead

The 1st Sailing Team's victory in this regatta will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to their skill, dedication, and the enduring spirit of LCS. As we celebrate this triumph, we eagerly look forward to more spirited competitions, in the years to come.

“Rosseau Lake College and Lakefield College School have a history of competition in sailing, and the rebirth of the programs at both schools is at the forefront. This history extends to the Challenge Trophy made from an old rudder that has been rediscovered in our HOEC outdoor education building. The competition for this trophy, dubbed more recently as The Rudder Classic, was an annual regatta between RLC and LCS, and was last contested in 1973. With the arrival of new equipment, new sailors, and new enthusiasm we are dusting off the trophy.” - Steve Salt, Director, Boarding Life, Rosseau Lake College
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