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Lakefield College School Hosts CIS Ontario THRIVE Student Leaders Conference

Lakefield College School was abuzz with enthusiasm this week as we hosted the CIS Ontario THRIVE Student Leaders Conference. The event saw participation from over 15 schools across Ontario, gathering students and educators in a collective pursuit of fostering leadership, well-being, and positive engagement.

The conference, a testament to Lakefield's commitment to holistic education, delved deep into themes of Belonging, Positivity, and Engagement. With gratitude to the Bouchard Family Foundation for their support of Lakefield’s THRIVE Initiative, these themes have long been a focus at The Grove, and our goal continues to be to encourage and train students and educators in our communities to develop environments that create habits and practices for life-long positive mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Students participating in this week’s THRIVE conference had the opportunity to learn more about the THRIVE Initiative from LCS alumna, Rose Bouchard ’18. Rose, who recently completed her Master’s degree at The London School of Economics and Political Science, shared how the tenets of THRIVE and the practices she learned at LCS have helped her throughout postsecondary school and into her career. 

“It’s a luxury to learn how to care for yourself and your wellbeing while you’re still in high school. You don’t realize it now but these habits and these tools are all giving you a head start in life.” — Rose Bouchard ’18

At the THRIVE Student Leaders Conference, students had the chance to immerse themselves in workshops led by their peers, encouraging active participation and leadership development. Through these student-led sessions, participants gained valuable insights into fostering a sense of belonging, cultivating positivity, and enhancing engagement within their school communities.

There were a myriad of benefits for students attending the conference. They not only had the opportunity to interact with peers from diverse educational backgrounds but also engaged in discussions and activities that empowered them as leaders. The focus on well-being and positive education practices further reinforced the significance of positive mental health and holistic development within academic settings.

Throughout the conference, students and educators explored strategies to create inclusive and supportive learning environments. The emphasis on well-being echoed Lakefield College School's dedication to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the overall growth and happiness of its community members.

By hosting the event, LCS showcased the tangible outcomes of its THRIVE Initiative. The conference highlighted the significance of prioritizing well-being in education, demonstrating that a supportive and inclusive environment fosters stronger, more resilient leaders. The collaboration among schools within the CIS Ontario network at the THRIVE Student Leaders Conference underscored the importance of initiatives like THRIVE in shaping the next generation of empathetic, mindful, and capable leaders.

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the conference!

A special thanks to: The Bouchard Family Foundation for the donation that made this conference possible; to Joel Hilchey, Kathleen Hilchey ’98, Rose Bouchard ’18, and CIS Executive Director Sarah Craig for speaking at the conference.

Educators interested in Lakefield College School’s Positive Education Certification Program (PEC ProgramTM) for teachers, please visit lcs.on.ca/PEC

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