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Spring 2024 Co-Curricular Awards at Lakefield College School

This week, we celebrated our annual Spring Co-Curricular Awards ceremony, honouring the outstanding achievements of our students in athletics, arts, STEM, and various enriching programs.

Athletic Achievements

The spring term was packed with remarkable athletic accomplishments. Highlights include:
  • Girls’ Soccer: Our 1st Girls' Soccer team made a thrilling move by hosting the CISAA Championship game on a picturesque Regatta Day. With students and alumni cheering them on, they delivered a stellar performance against Crestwood Prep, securing our only team championship of the spring.
  • Tennis: Our Tennis teams had their strongest season in years, with four players (Leon Gell ’24, Xavier Nadeau ’24, Sergio Ferez Piotti ’27, and Masa Tanigushi ’27) advancing to OFSAA Tennis. Each player won matches, marking a significant milestone for the program.
  • Golf: Kaydn Farrugia ’25 emerged victoriously in the CISAA Golf Championship, conquering what is considered the most competitive division in Ontario.
  • Rowing: Morgan Harris Stoertz ’24 achieved an impressive 3rd place at the national rowing championships, earning a tryout with the Junior National Team.
  • Ultimate Frisbee: The OFSAA Ultimate Festival was a massive success, thanks to the dedication of numerous volunteers. Special thanks to the organizing committee: Garret, Chelsea, Carmello, Laura, Claire, Palmer, Mr. Harris, and convenors Dr. Melville and Mr. Burns. Our Ultimate team played with heart, finishing as runners-up in the spirit category.

Celebrating the Arts and Full-Year Programs

In addition to our athletic triumphs, we also celebrated the exceptional achievements in our arts and full-year co-curricular programs. Our full-year co-curricular program offers a diverse range of performance-based and recreational opportunities for students, fostering growth in various fields.
Highlights from this year include:
  • Public Speaking: Morgan Harris Stoertz ’24 and Fiona Pazari ’24 represented LCS at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition in Vancouver.
  • Music: Over 80 student musicians showcased their talents in the Winter Concert and Spring Concert.
  • DECA: Sixteen students excelled at the DECA Regionals competition, with three advancing to the Provincials in Toronto.
  • Photography: Joseph Ji ’27’s photograph, “Raindrop,” was selected for the SPARK Photo Festival’s juried exhibit.
  • Student Leadership: Five students took the initiative to lead their own co-curricular programs, demonstrating exceptional leadership skills.

Spring Term Arts Programs

During the spring term, students participated in three vibrant arts programs: Culinary Arts, Ceramics, and the production of Clue.
  • Culinary Arts: Under Chef Evan Podd’s expert guidance, students honed their culinary skills, creating delicious dishes such as crème brulée, molten chocolate cakes, pad thai, and homemade burgers. Their passion for culinary arts was evident in every creation.
  • Ceramics: Our Ceramics program saw both new and experienced students exploring the art of working with clay. They learned hand-building and wheel techniques, experimented with glazes, and developed foundational skills for future ceramic endeavours. Excitingly, this term saw the installation of our first new kiln in 40 years, inspiring students to consider ceramics as a potential career path or summer job opportunity.
  • Theatre: The production of Clue was a resounding success. This beloved board game-turned-play brought laughter and intrigue to The Bryan Jones Theatre. The cast and crew delivered three different endings, showcasing their creativity and impeccable comedic timing. Memorable moments, like the table falling from the catwalk and the clever cameo appearances, left a lasting impression on the audience.
As we conclude the 2023/24 school year, we congratulate all students and program facilitators for their exceptional dedication and accomplishments. The Spring Co-Curricular Awards ceremony truly exemplified the talent, perseverance, and curiosity within the LCS community. Below, we proudly recognize the award recipients for the Spring Term and Full-Year 2023/24 programs.

Spring Co-Curriculars

1st Badminton

MVP: Somers Stevenson ’26 (Dedication)
Spirit of Badminton: Selina Li ’24 (Teamwork)

Boys Tennis

MVP: Leon Gell ’24 (Humility & Leadership)
Most Improved: Hugh Crane ’26 (Love of Learning & Self Regulation)

Rec Badminton

Most Dedicated Player: Bridget Choi ’25 and Justin Au ’24 (Humility, Leadership)
Most Improved Player: Lexi Harrop ’26 (Focus and Perseverance)

Jr. Boys Rugby

J. Paige R. Wadsworth Award for MVP: Griffin Rutherford ’26 (Perseverance and Teamwork)
Most Improved: Ben Abell ’27 (Love of Learning and Humility)

1st Ultimate

MVP: Aidan Kang ’24 and Claire Melville ’24 (Leadership and Teamwork)
Most Improved Player: Jesse Briscoe ’25 (Perseverance)

1st Girls Soccer

Susan Hadden Trophy for MVP: Tamara von Achten ’24 (Leadership and Teamwork)
Spirit of Soccer: Claire Hamilton ’24 (Leadership and Humility)
Most Improved Player: Sophia ’25 (Perseverance and Love of Learning)

Jr. Girls Soccer

The Baker Cup Award for Jr team MVP: Jacinta de la Rosa ’27 and Danica Bennett ’27 (Creativity and Bravery)
Most Improved Player: Sofia Contro Vega ’26 (Humility and Love of Learning)

1st Boys Rugby

The Lamont Rugby Trophy: Alex Bemrose ’24 and Sam Eisen-Webne ’24 (Leadership and Teamwork)
Rookie of the Year: Caleb Lain ’24 (Teamwork)

1st Rowing

LCS Crew Award - Most Valuable: Morgan Harris-Stoertz ’24
LCS Crew Award - Most Improved: Payton Pettersen ’25

Girls Tennis

Tim Hague Trophy for Jr. MVP: Fiona Zhou ’26 (Perseverance)
Most Improved Player: Manaka Oe ’26 (Wisdom & Love of Learning)
MVP: Hayley Schwartzentruber ’24 (Honesty)


MVP: Adrianna Salalila ’27 and Kaydn Farrugia ’25 (Leadership and Teamwork)
Most Improved: Yahiro Teraoka ’27 (Perseverance)
Most Dedicated: Tristan ’25 (Dedication)


Most Improved Wind Surfer: Trinity Cooligan ’25 (Perseverance, Humility)
The James Liebenburg Memorial Award for Boardsailing: Wes Carr ’27 (Dedication)

Spring Sailing

Commodores Award (Top Sailor): Ryan ’26 (Humility & Leadership)
Skipper Award for Most Improved: Raquel Ardila ’25 (Teamwork)
Crew Award for Most Improved: Audrey Reeds ’25 (Zest)

Jr. Girls Rugby

MVP: Alexis Dreossi ’27 (Bravery & Humility)
Most Improved: Sydney Ferreira ’27 (Perseverance & Teamwork)
Most Dedicated: Lola Lockhart ’26 (Honesty & Leadership)

1st Girls Rugby

Susan Hadden Trophy for MVP: Sarah Bender ’24 (Perseverance and Leadership)
Most Dedicated: Lexi Frank ’25 (Love of Learning and Perseverance)

Culinary Arts

Iron Chef Award: Carter Fleming ’24 (Humility & Humour)
Iron Chef Award: Maude Rose Craig ’24 (Kindness & Leadership)

Track & Tri

Most Dedicated: Nikita Zdhanov ’25
Most Improved Swimmer: Nate Andras ’24


Climbing Leadership Award: Nicola Haxton ’25 (Kindness and Leadership)
Most Improved Climber: Frank Zhang ’27 (Perseverance and Curiosity)

Jr. Ultimate

MVP: Dylan Frickey ’27
MVP: Olivia Desy ’26


The Crang Award for Most Dedicated: Zoe Guo ’27 (Perseverance, Love of Learning)
Most Improved: Jasmine Hinze ’27 (Perseverance, Bravery)


Most Dedicated: Kaiden Wealch ’24 and Lora Ross ’26

Spring Play

Outstanding Contribution to the Program: Ali ’24 (Kindness, Leadership)
Outstanding Performance: Hannah El-Baradie ’25 and Sam Dickey ’26 (Perseverance, Teamwork)
Crew Award: Jason Zhang ’26 (Love of Learning)

Full Year Co-Curricular Awards

Concert Band

Most Dedicated: Audrey Jiang ’24 (Leadership, Teamwork)

Jazz Band

Most Dedicated: Veda ’26 (Creativity, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Lorelei Consort

Most Dedicated: Claire Melville ’24 (Leadership, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)

Rock Choir

Vocalist of the Year: Maddie Arbo ’26 (Kindness, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence)
Band Member of the Year: Yoshi Miyakawa ’25 (Perseverance, Teamwork)

Creative Writing Club

Most Dedicated: Alden Desy ’24 (Creativity)

Debating and Public Speaking

Pullen Cup Award for the Most Outstanding Debater: Morgan Harris-Stoertz ’24 (Leadership, Commitment, Teamwork, Kindness)


Chapter Champion: Cindy Chen ’25 (Social Intelligence and Creativity)

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurial Excellence Award: Titus Ngouepo ’25 (Leadership)

Female Fitness

Most Dedicated (two recipients): Ava ’25, Mae Miller ’25 (Perseverance, Love of Learning)

Fitness Club at 4 p.m.

Most Dedicated: Gabi Brown ’24 (Leadership, Humility)

Fitness Club at 5 p.m.

Most Dedicated: Hirotaka Tanaka ’25 (Perseverance)

Global Discovery Club

Global Explorer Award: Lora Ross ’26 (Leadership, Love of Learning, Perseverance)


Most Dedicated Creative Maker Award: Zoe Guo ’27 (Creativity)

Photo Club - Beginner

Most Enthusiastic Photographer: Wyatt ’27 (Positivity, Creativity)

Photo Club - Advanced

Most Dedicated: Joseph Ji ’27 (Perseverance and Creativity)

Improv Club

Spirit of Comedy: Sydney Ferreira ’27 (Humour)


The Most Dedicated Environmentalist: Jenna Quinn ’26 (Curiosity and Zest)

Model UN

Best Delegate: Logan Snopek ’24 (Leadership)
Most Dedicated: Yukun Xie ’25 (Commitment)

Science Club

Most Dedicated: Nicole Huang ’24 (Curiosity)

Student-Led Clubs

Student-Led Club Outstanding Leadership Award: Ben Lavallee ’25 (Leadership)
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