Adventure Challenge

By Peter Andras

This year five teams of four participated in the annual Regatta Day Adventure Challenge. The Challenge is open to anyone from the LCS community and, in any given year, teams comprised of alumni, parents, staff and students have participated.  It’s an athletic race which includes not only running as a team to get to each of the various obstacles - but many smaller challenges that test the teams skills including the paddle, portage, knot tying, orienteering, throw-bag toss, teamwork exercises and the new, exciting addition of axe throwing.

As the five teams headed to the start - the Ceremonial 4 person Lunchbox carry to the put in - large raindrops began to fall. Student and parent spectators sought shelter from the approaching rain as the competitors stood by the large stone steps waiting to put their vessels into the water and start the race. They took their places with their stern touching our new sailing dock.  The horn blew and off they went onto the first of the many tricky challenges in the course. It was an exciting race that saw our participants skillfully circumnavigating the campus - appreciating the new and improved waterfront and campus pathways and roads!

Congratulations to all of the teams that competed this year - you deserve our respect!

1st Place: Lily Coates, Andre Vilcini, Clara Mindjimba and Brandan Rutherford

2nd Place: Noah Storey, Nikki Cannon, Quinn Macmillan and Jeff McCaw

3rd Place: Mitch Steadman, Ally Duff, Nick Latimer and Laura Pede

Honorable Mention: Alex Reed, Nick Mills, Alexy Danchuk-Lauzon and Maggiemae Jones

Finally, a valiant effort from our junior team: Joe Huang, Gavin Plunkett, Hannah Smith and Sawson Attyani.  As Gavin finished he stated, "This was only our first attempt and we will be back again! We have three more years to hone our skills and challenge the course again!"

Well done to all of the students who challenged the course this year!
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