Communication and Collaboration

By Grade 11 Reps: Annie Da, Maddy McGowan, Santiago Paz, Paul Prindiville-Porto

Intersession Days are multi-purpose days that serve many functions including improving our knowledge of our widely diverse school community. This past Thursday, the Grade 11s spent time at Viamede Resort on beautiful Stony Lake, a short drive from campus. This change in scenery helped promote a sense of presence and security in the activities allowing every student to excel. We were very fortunate to have Kat Crawford, a distinguished youth activist in the U.S., who spoke to our group about her career and experiences.

Kat Crawford gave insight into her passion for working with incarcerated youth and the laws surrounding the injustice they experience. She jump-started our creativity as global citizens in addition to enriching our perspective on the greater world around us by catalyzing our ideas into useful action plans concerning our passions. She taught us that we should never sell ourselves short, and that we don’t have to take large steps to take action in our community. She taught us to believe that our dreams are only as big as we think they are.

For part of our day, we were outside working with both staff and peers to sharpen our communication skills. We took part activities such as scattered data, where groups of four had different obstacles to overcome such as one with a blindfold, the main communicator could not see who they were helping to walk around to collect data and we learned to collaborate for a common goal. Working for a few hours with our peers really allowed us to get to know them as well as work on our individual communication skills. Through these series of activities, we found more efficient ways to communicate while being calm and collected.

We also got to work in small groups to brainstorm effective methods of removing pre-existing stereotypes and stigma in our community and school environment. Our plan is to integrate some of these activities into the Global Literacy Initiative in early May. We began by understanding some of the stereotypes our fellow classmates experience at LCS or in there lives. We were able to put ourselves in other's shoes and had a blast planning global learning possibilities for our school community. We really had an opportunity to get to know students that we did not previously know or had worked with.
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