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Scholarships and Bursaries

Current Scholarships

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  • The Paul and Hélène Desmarais Family Scholarship

    This prestigious national scholarship is awarded annually to deserving Canadian students who have demonstrated financial need.  The recipients of this scholarship embody the Lakefield College School ideals in mind, body, and spirit, and have demonstrated outstanding leadership and strong academic ability.

Current Bursaries

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  • S. Clifford Abraham Bursary

    This bursary has been established by the family and friends of Cliff Abraham ‘74 to celebrate his commitment to the school, both as a student and as a member of the Board of Governors.  Cliff particularly enjoyed the school's drama program, and it is hoped that this bursary will enable other students with similar interests to attend the school and benefit from their own experiences
  • The A.L. Bursary

    This bursary is to be awarded to a promising student preferably from Québec who otherwise would not be able to attend Lakefield College School. The bursary benefits students who demonstrate all-round promise and a desire to embrace all that LCS has to offer.
  • Alumni Leadership Bursary

    “Funded by Lakefield Alumni, this bursary is awarded to students entering Lakefield who have shown outstanding leadership and academic ability.”
  • Bob Armstrong Bursary

    This bursary is awarded annually to a student who maintains consistent academic effort, exemplifies sportsmanship and who demonstrates all-round athletic ability, particularly in hockey.
  • Albert Branscombe Bursary

    This bursary was endowed by the Board of Governors to recognize the retirement of Mr. Branscombe after 24 years as the school’s bursar.
  • Class of '79 Centennial Bursary

    This bursary was endowed by the Class of 1979. The citation reads: “Given to a student in the senior school who demonstrates sportsmanship and all around athletic ability while maintaining at least commendation roll academic performance.”
  • Class of '82 Bursary

    This bursary was endowed by the graduating class of 1982 and is given to a student who is an asset to the school and who contributes broadly to school life.
  • Cooper Family Bursary

    To be awarded to a deserving student who is a broad contributor to school life.
  • James Harold (Rickey) Crang Jr. Memorial Bursary

    Rickey Crang, a student at the School from 1946 to 1954, shared the values and beliefs which sustain Lakefield College School and cared about the future generations of students.  Rickey died in 1988.  His bequest of $1,000,000 received in 1996 – the largest single gift to the Lakefield College School Foundation at the time – provides financial assistance in perpetuity to deserving students in need.  It is hoped that the recipients of the Crang Bursary will share Rickey’s deep love and devotion to The Grove.
  • Rusty and Carolyne Davidson Bursary

    The Davidson Bursary is awarded to a student at any grade level who has a genuine interest, respect and concern for the well being of others, who has a keen involvement in athletics and who consistently meets the expectations for personal growth and development.
  • Dunn Family Bursary

    To be awarded annually at the discretion of the Head of School to a deserving student who would be an asset to the school.
  • Gwyllym Dunn Memorial Bursary

    To be awarded annually at the discretion of the Head of School to a deserving student who would be an asset to the school.
  • Ensio Family Bursary

    Established by Mark and Catherine Ensio in 1999, this bursary is awarded to a student who shows a keen love of nature and the outdoors, who demonstrates thoughtfulness and caring for others through community service, and who participates in athletics while maintaining a good academic standing.
  • The Fleming Family Bursary

    “The humblest amongst us has it in their power to do something for their country by doing their duty, and that there is no better inheritance to leave to their children (community) than the knowledge that they have done the utmost of their ability.” - Sir Sandford Fleming 1827-1915 (Great, great grandfather of Jock Fleming ’74)
    Established by Jock ’74 and Sue Fleming in 2015, The Fleming Family Bursary will be awarded annually to a deserving student who participates enthusiastically in the many and varied opportunities available at Lakefield College School. This student will actively demonstrate a love of the outdoors, a passion for giving back and continually try their best in all endeavours.
  • James Flintoft Memorial Bursary

    In memory of Mr. James Flintoft, a former Chairman of the Board of Governors who died suddenly.  The citation reads: “It is the hope and intention of the family and close friends of Jim Flintoft that this bursary will assist in the development of future leaders of all walks of life, and that through this annual assistance to an individual, the principles and standards that meant so much to Jim Flintoft will be furthered.”
  • The Grove Bursary

    This award was made in 1980 by an anonymous donor. The citation reads: “The student has demonstrated spirit, keenness and integrity in a manner which promises to benefit both the school and the student.”
  • Grove Guild Bursary

    This bursary is funded by the Grove Guild and was started in celebration of the school’s Centennial in 1979.  The citation reads: “To a student who, in the opinion of the staff and Head of School, is a deserving student and at the same time, maintains a high level of academic achievement.”
  • The Hepburn Alumni Challenge Bursary

    Spearheaded by John ’68 and Jane Hepburn during the 2014/15 school year, the Hepburn Alumni Challenge set out to transform alumni donor participation at LCS. Driven by an inspiring gift incentive offer from John and Jane, as well as the efforts of more than 75 volunteer decade and class captains, the Hepburn Alumni Challenge succeeded in motivating unprecedented numbers of alumni to make a gift to the school, more than tripling our alumni donor participation rate.
    Funds contributed to this program were allocated to establish the Hepburn Alumni Challenge Bursary, which is to be awarded annually to deserving students from alumni families who, due to financial need, would otherwise be unable to attend LCS.
  • B.R. Hepburn Family Bursary

    Since the 1920s, three generations of Rickart and Helen Hepburn’s family have attended The Grove.  To recognize the Hepburn family’s interest in academics and athletics at the school, this bursary will be awarded annually to a deserving student who consistently achieves strong academic standing while demonstrating all-round athletic ability, team spirit and good sportsmanship
  • Eric Hughes Bursary

    Eric Hughes attended The Grove from 1981 to 1986. He was tragically killed in a car accident. This endowed bursary has been established in Eric’s name by his family and friends.  The citation reads:  “To be awarded to a student who has benefited from his experience at The Grove through persistence and commitment in working towards a personal goal. It is not only the thrill of winning, but having the courage to try.”
  • Bryan Jones Memorial Bursary

    Bryan Jones, a beloved teacher at The Grove for 25 years, died in 1983. The Bryan Jones Memorial Bursary is awarded to a deserving student who reflects Bryan’s ideals and concerns.
  • Jean & Hugh Ketchum Bursary

    The Ketchum Bursary was established by family and friends to perpetuate the memory of Hugh Ketchum, a former master who was on the staff from 1938 to 1967, and his wife Jean who made her own special contribution to the school as an adviser and friend.
  • James Liebenberg Memorial Bursary

    This bursary has been endowed in the name of James Liebenberg, a former student who was tragically killed in an accident in 1985. James had a deep love for The Grove and touched the lives of his fellow students.
  • The Richard Life Bursary

    Richard Life arrived at The Grove in 1986 and, over the course of his 29 year career, served the school in a multitude of roles including teacher, Head of House, coach, Director of Admissions, Assistant Head, Associate Head and briefly, Acting Head. The Richard Life Bursary will support a student who approaches learning with energy, enthusiasm and good humour - which is truly how Richard approached every day at Lakefield College School.
  • MacNaughton Family Foundation Endowed Bursary

    This endowed bursary was established by Angus MacNaughton ’48 to provide financial assistance to promising students who would otherwise be unable to attend Lakefield.  The bursary benefits students who demonstrate all-round promise and are valued contributors to their school and community.
  • The Douglas M. Marchant Bursary

    To provide bursary funding for deserving students who have met the criteria for entrance to Lakefield College School but require financial assistance to attend.
  • Jeffrey Marshall Bursary

    In recognition of Jeffrey Marshall's commitment to Lakefield College School, the LCS Foundation has created this bursary in his honour. The Jeffrey Marshall Bursary will be awarded to a family whose financial circumstances have changed during their time at The Grove and compromised the return of their child to the school.
  • Lorimer Massie Bursary

    The Lorimer Massie Bursary is named in honour of a former Chair of the Board of Governors.  The bursary is given in recognition of a student’s continued contribution to the life of the school community.
  • Doc and Jose McCubbin Bursary

    Following their retirement in 2007, this bursary was created in honour of Doc and Jose McCubbin and their commitment to Lakefield College School and its students.

    It is the intent of the McCubbins that this bursary be awarded to a "good kid," who without it, would be unable to attend Lakefield College School.  
  • McEwen Entrepreneurial Bursary

    Rob and Cheryl McEwen generously endowed this unique bursary in 2008 to reflect their interest in the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit, and their wish to instil that spirit in the young adults of Lakefield College School.  Their magnificent gift will be used to support a student who exhibits such a spirit. 
    The recipient will have an inquiring mind, the determination to succeed at the risk of failure, and the strength of character to strive for excellence while pursuing their dreams.
    And in true Grove style, the recipient will be thoughtful and caring, and use their skills and entrepreneurial passion to benefit others in their community and around the globe.
  • The McKnight Family "Pay It Forward" Bursary

    The “Pay It Forward” Bursary is to be awarded annually to a deserving student who embodies the values of LCS and demonstrates an enthusiastic desire to contribute to both their school and beyond.
    In the spirit of community building, it is the intent of the McKnight Family that the recipient will, at some future date, be inspired to “pay it forward” and help others as they have been helped.
  • R. Samuel McLaughlin Bursary

    This bursary is awarded annually to two to five deserving students in year four at the school.
  • Millennium Bursary

    One hundred and twenty years after the founding of Lakefield College School, the Alumni Association is proud to sponsor the Millennium Bursary to celebrate and welcome the third millennium.  We are honoured to have His Royal Highness The Duke of York with us today to launch this Bursary. 
    It is the intention of the Alumni Association that the bursary will be awarded annually to a deserving child or grandchild of a Lakefield alumnus/a who embodies the quintessential qualities of a Grove student: leadership, consistent academic effort, trustworthiness, respect for others, love of the outdoors, and good sportsmanship.
  • William M. and James L. Morris Bursary

    Named in honour of brothers William and James Morris, the citation reads: “Awarded annually to a student who will benefit from what Lakefield has to offer and from whom the school will benefit.”
  • William O. Morris Family Bursary

    No citation for this bursary.
  • Robert Munsch Bursary

    This bursary is awarded to a deserving student whose presence will help Lakefield better reflect the multi-ethnic and multi-cultural diversity of Canada. This bursary has been generously endowed by Robert Munsch, father of Julie ’95.
  • Britton Osler Bursary

    Mr. Osler was a former governor of the school and this award has been endowed by the Board of Governors for a student going into Grade 12 who the Head of School has confidence will make an increasingly important contribution and commitment to school life.
  • William E. Rashleigh Bursary

    Mr. William (Bill) Rashleigh came to Lakefield in 1944 and was an integral part of the community even after his official retirement in 1970. Truly a man for all seasons, he was loved and respected by both students and staff. The Rashleigh Bursary will be awarded to a student who has an open, inquiring mind, who is thoughtful of others, and for whom this bursary will provide the necessary assistance to make a year’s study at Lakefield College School possible.
  • Richard Robinson Memorial Bursary

    Given by the late Rt. Hon. Lord & Lady Martonmere in memory of their son Richard Robinson. To be awarded annually at the discretion of the Head of School to a student of all-round ability who appears to have the possible characteristics and qualities for leadership.
  • Sifton Family Bursary

    "To provide bursary funding for the child or grandchild of a Lakefield College School alumni and who without this support would be unable to attend The Grove.”
  • G. Winder Smith Endowed Bursary

    The G. Winder Smith Bursary embodies the philosophy of the fourth Head of School of Lakefield College School, in whose memory it has been endowed.  “Windy” Smith believed deeply that young people with potential should not be denied the opportunity to attend the school for financial reasons.  The bursary gives the current Head of School the ability to continue Mr. Smith’s initiative.
  • The A.M. Sinclair ’79 & ’11 Bursary

    This bursary is to be awarded to a student who displays resiliency, ultimately embraces all that Lakefield College School has to offer, and over-time makes a positive contribution to the life of the school. 
  • Mrs. Jean I. Winder Smith Endowed Bursary

    This bursary was established in memory of Mrs. Smith by her three sons, Donald, Andrew and David Ross.  This bursary is awarded to a student for his/her continuing contribution to the life at Lakefield.
  • The Staff Bursary

    The staff contributes annually to the bursary program to support a student who exemplifies by his/her actions and attitudes the ideals of the school.
  • Verne and Ramona Stevenson Memorial Bursary

    Verne and Ramona Stevenson,  Lakefield College School parents and grandparents who encouraged the experience of a Grove education, inspired their family to establish this endowed bursary. The Verne and Ramona Stevenson Memorial Bursary will be awarded annually to a resourceful student who is committed to working hard to achieve their academic and extra-curricular goals.
  • Peter Wadsworth Bursary

    Named in memory of Peter Wadsworth, a resident of Alberta, who attended the school in the 1950’s, this bursary is awarded to attract deserving students from Western Canada.
  • R. Howard Webster Foundation Bursary

    In support of the National Scholarship Fund—to help bring this country together, by introducing Western Canada to Eastern Canada. Regional representation is important to the character of the school and this bursary will be awarded to a student from the province of Quebec or the west.
  • Wells Southern Cross Bursary

    The Wells Southern Cross bursary will assist a student born or residing in the southern hemisphere to attend Lakefield College School. The bursary promotes international diversity in the student body and attracts deserving students from under-represented areas of the world.
  • Weston Family Foundation Bursary

    Established in 1993 by the W. Garfield Weston Foundation, the citation for this bursary states that the recipient will be “a Canadian born student whose priorities are in the humanities: history, literature, music, art, and public-speaking and who maintains good academic standing." This bursary is awarded annually to two to five deserving students in Grades 11 and 12 at the school.
  • Anne and Ben Whitney Bursary

    The Anne and Ben Whitney Bursary, endowed by friends and alumni of LCS in memory of Anne, is awarded annually to a deserving student whose actions reflect Anne’s generosity of spirit, her kindness of heart, and her compassion for others - qualities of her character so admired by those who knew her.

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