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1st Nordic Skiing
Coaches: Sarah Thompson, Todd Harris, Hugh Dobson

Last week through heavy snow, the LCS Nordic Team travelled to Duntroon, Ontario, for the OFSAA 2019 Championships. As soon as we arrived, we hit the trails to pre-ski the race courses. It was a challenging introduction as the fresh powder and heavy winds made the conditions quite slow.

For many of our skiers, this was their first year skiing, as well as their first OFSAA event. Being that CISAA is such a small division, it was quite the shock to compete against at least 160 other skiers in any given age category. However, though they were nervous, our team rose to the challenge with positive enthusiasm.

The weather for both the individual races as well as relays was perfect. It was sunny, no wind and not too cold. On Thursday, our first skiers out in the morning were the Junior Girls (3.5 km) : Ilana Mohamed, Chloe Thompson, Ana Jervis and Sawsan Attyani. The next category was the Junior Boys (6 km): Aidan Melville, Marc Bossongbra, Thomas Larson and Mateo Wealch. In the afternoon, Senior Girls (6 km) : Anna Harris, Cassie Mesburis, Hanna Su, and Nicole Liu. Finally, Senior Boys (7.8 km): Wulfric Harris-Stoertz, Drew Crix and Christoph Goerlitz.

Our top finishers were Anna who placed 15th out of 45 in Open Senior Girls and Aidan who placed 26th out of 111 in High School Junior Boys.

On Friday, our Junior Girls, Junior Boys and Senior Girls also competed in the relay races. With the course only being 750 meters, it was fast and exciting for spectators!

OFSAA came so quickly and we cannot believe how quickly the season came to an end. We would like to congratulate Anna Harris on winning the Harper Walker MVP award. Anna competes both for Lakefield as well as for Kawartha Nordic, putting in an incredible amount of time and effort to a sport she loves deeply. She is a graceful skier, who makes this challenging sport look effortless.

Congratulations to Mateo Wealch on winning the Development Team MVP and to Marc Bossongra for winning the Development Team MIP. Mateo and Marc often met up outside of practice hours to work on their technique and fitness together. They brought great humour to the team, and we were proud of their efforts during both the individual and relay races.

Congratulations to Christoph Goerlitz, the award recipient of the Racing Team MIP award. He is a determined and highly competitive athlete who consistently sought feedback this season. His technique and fitness improved significantly and to the point where it is hard to believe he only learned to ski last year. We look forward to another great season with him next year.

We will miss our grads immensely next year. Drew, Alex and Nick, only joined us for one season but also fell in the love with the sport immediately. Congratulations to Alex and Nick for winning the Spirit of the Sport award! Hanna, who has been on the team since Grade 9, said she felt sad after her last race. She loves the sport and hopes to continue to ski in the future.

Alex and Nick threw themselves into Nordic right from the start with our BC training camp, and never stopped pushing themselves to improve. When circumstances made it impossible for them to meet the qualification requirements for OFSAA, Alex and Nick staged their own race—wearing their LCS race suits and getting themselves and the whole team pumped up for one more great event, they showed the true spirit of our sport.

Thank you to all of our skiers for a great season!
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