Celebrating Earth Day and Reflecting on Our Global Community

The world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day this week. In times of hardships, our school community recognizes the importance of making positive impacts in our global community. Students in the LEAF Club organized and launched Earth Week which took place this week with daily challenges and themes dedicated to environmental stewardship:

  • Monday: Find the Virtual Earth Day Activity Nearest to You
  • Tuesday: Nature-inspired Art Making
  • Wednesday: Serving Your Community
  • Thursday/Friday: Feasting - Nurture Your Body and the Earth 
There were also fun video tips and tricks to watch from staff members for inspiration to complete challenges. Students, parents, faculty, alumni and members of the LCS community were invited to participate online and encourage one another.
On Thursday, our school community connected for an Earth Day-themed intersession day. Intersession days are grounded in experiential programming that supports students in each grade and offers unique opportunities to reflect on, question, and engage in activities designed to complement and enrich their learning. Everyone was invited to attend an optional sunrise yoga session which was led by Louise '22 and Alice '18. Afterwards, our school gathered as a community where members of the LEAF club led the school in reflections on Earth Day as well as a live trivia game with nature-themed questions. Congratulations to Jana ’22 who got all seven questions correct and took first place!
Mr. Arsenault gave an Earth Day address, encouraging everyone to reflect on how far we’ve come and what we can continue to do, together:
“We are a school that has always been deeply connected to our environment. The sun, water, land, and wind that nurture life - nurtures us. Our Lakefield environment is vital and it connects us together. It is important to us and right now we acutely feel that something is missing. It has shaped who we are, it informs our growth, and it anchors our community. For some of us it's sacred. To me, it feels like LCS has been quietly celebrating Earth Day since our birth as a school, 141 years ago. Springtime and camp Lakefield has lifted the spirits of many students. Those of you new to LCS are missing that experience right now, and those of you who have been here longer know precisely the magic that springtime at LCS brings. We all feel a loss…

Humanity is in this together. Everything is intimately connected. People & viruses. Our family, friends, neighbours, cities, and countries. Our livelihoods. We determine each other's fate. We physically separate while remaining as socially connected as possible. Doing this helps slow the spread of COVID, and helps to save lives. We’ve come to realize that this is an act of love. So too is our planet intimately connected. Humanity is in this together.”
Read Mr. Arsenault's full Earth Day address on the LCS Learns blog.

After the community gathering, students participated in a House workshop which included a House Challenge to create and share an expression of your LCS house experience of Earth DayStudents also took part in a personal Earth Day experience by reflecting on how they could celebrate Earth Day from home, in what ways they can get outdoors and off screens, or virtually visit another place on Earth and deepen their understanding of this unique moment in time. The day concluded with advisor group debriefs where they shared their personal reflections, what they are grateful for, memories from previous Earth Days, and their hopes for future Earth Days.
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