Athletics Action: LWL Highlights

Soccer Skills Remote Co-Curricular
The LCS Soccer Skills Group has been working on their juggling skills and took on the Keep The Ball Moving Challenge. Soccer is a sport that unites people from all over the world and students and staff were invited to join in on the fun - watch now!
Cross-Country / Nordic
Thomas ’22 and Evan ’23 have been hard at work training through a running program in preparation for the 2020/21 Cross-Country Running and Nordic Ski season.
Female Fitness Remote Co-Curricular
This remote co-curricular launched last week as part of Learning with Lakefield Remotely, led by Ms. Loojie and Ms. Russo. Workouts are posted each week which are completed asynchronously by students. The entire group meets once per week to discuss and engage in a group workout. Keeping active is an important way to balance academic life!
High Performance Home Fitness Remote Co-Curricular
Remote High-Performance Home Fitness kicked off last week with a group of spirited students who want to maintain and improve their fitness and athleticism while at home. This group is made up of a variety of students looking to improve for their sport, or just simply looking for a good workout. They are using a combination of plyometrics, body weight movements, and high-intensity interval training to achieve their goals. They have been doing 2 asynchronous workouts by following along videos with Coach Ross, as well as meeting up for a face-to-face synchronous session Friday mornings via Zoom. Students have said that participating as a group has been way more motivating than doing it alone and that they have been good workouts!
The Endurance Project
The Endurance Project began seven weeks ago when eight dedicated Nordic skiers expressed interest in starting their training for the 2020-2021 season, and from there it has exploded. 
When Learning With Lakefield Remotely co-curriculars were introduced, eight more students joined the project as a way to train from home for the LCS Ondaatje Challenge 10km run, and then Coaches Rory Gilfillan and Todd Harris invited staff to join the growing team. 
Momentum has continued to build since our first group Zoom session, where The Endurance Project was introduced and the stories of the founding members highlighted. 
Athletes check daily for the workouts set by their coaches, and record the details in the TrainingPeaks app where Rory and Todd can give feedback and monitor progress.
We now have 36 runners, and in the first seven days of co-curriculars these dedicated athletes ran over 503 km, collectively.
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