Remote Learning in Grade 10 Science

By Ms. Rogers

Grade 10 students are studying organ systems as part of the biology unit this spring in humans and frogs! While they have had opportunities to share cooking experiences in outdoor ed classes - it was the human digestive process that I was able to share with them in science class. Household items were used to illustrate the way food moves through the gastrointestinal tract of the digestive system. A potato masher was used to simulate how molars in our mouths break down food, a spray bottle was used as the salivary glands, and a nylon stocking as the small intestines,  to name a few others.  Gross, funny, entertaining, real, helpful was some of the feedback I heard back from the students. 

Students worked through a virtual frog dissection on their own, asynchronously, and then during another lesson, they were able to see and ask questions about the one frog that I had to dissect for them from my lab/kitchen. 

The images here also capture the behind the scenes remote teaching reality: reminder notes to “hit record”, a few extra biology notes stuck to a metal container with a magnet, and our own kitchen counter and table being used a lab bench!
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