United under the "Same Sky" - A Photo Essay

Grade 9 English students created photo essays for a class assignment. Marlow '23 took it to the next level and created a poetic rendition of the assignment that's called "Same Sky". This assignment focuses on the idea of unity, despite the far and wide distances that we're experiencing, through looking at the same sky. He used photos that his classmates took of the blue sky from wherever they were in the world as the backgrounds for each slide, and the anchor for his poem. He reflected on it's meaning in saying:

"It brings attention to the fact that though we seem endlessly far apart, we’re still so close to each other, strapped in by gravity on the wild ride of earth, hurtling through space at over a million kilometres per hour, spinning at arbitrary speeds. We’re united under this same sun, this same planet, this same sky."
This project highlights the strength of our community connections, regardless of the physical distance between us.

Same Sky
By Marlow '23

Here we stand
'Cross sea and 'cross land
Masked faces and gloved hands
Forever longing
At this same sky.

How long will it be
Until we are free
Skies clear above me
Never leaving
This same sky.

We live in endless time
An afterthought
That never forms an era
Days flowing into months
The only constant
This same sky.

Vast azure expanse
Layers of air
Falling into space
When will we
Be out of this place?
This same sky?

Ever changing maelstroms
Silent, violent ponds
Stretching away from
The mist of individuality
Fades in this same sky.

Our cumulous castles
Our stratus ships' hulls
Our cirrus, shrapnel
Thunder's ancient vestige
Connected within
This same sky

Here we stand
Strewn across our sky
Held between our stars
'Tween Venus and Mars
We stand united
One planet
All under this same sky.
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