Remote Spring Co-Curricular Celebration

By Vicky Boomgaardt, Adam Ross and Sarah Young

In March, when our school moved to a remote environment, the entire LCS community believed in the power of bringing students together for co-curricular activities; activities that allow students to connect, be active, be creative and, of course, to have fun. 

It has been inspiring to see students and their facilitators work together in 35 different programs. From dog walking, to the School of Remote Rock, to fitness programs, to baking, and so many more, our students embraced the opportunity to connect with friends and peers outside the classroom.  

We are thankful to the students and their facilitators for making the remote co-curricular program such a unique and valuable experience. At a time when motivation can be challenging, the LCS community has come together in flexibility and open-mindedness. Everyone who participated in these programs are winners. Today we recognized award winners in the groups who represented and highlighted all of the great accomplishments of the group as a whole.

10km Ondaatje Challenge Training Group
Rookie Runner: Pen Murray (kindness)

Beginner Home Fitness
Most Enthusiastic Fitnesser: Maja von Stechow (zest, passion, dedication)

Female Fitness
Most Dedicated: Ella Zegarra Brown and Rori Ash (perseverance, love of learning)

Grove Cycling Club
Most Dedicated Rider: Liam Manning (teamwork, zest)

High Performance Fitness at Home
Most Dedicated: Mackenzie Briscoe (leadership, dedication)

LCS Nordic and Endurance High Performance Training Group
Focus is my Friend: Thomas Larson (passion, dedication)

Personal Training
Most Dedicated: Kirk Ng (enthusiasm, initiative)

Rec Running
Most Dedicated: Maya Ruparelia (teamwork, perseverance, love of learning)

Adulting 101
Most Enthusiastic: Petra Lett (love of learning, creativity, passion)

Baking Club
Most Enthusiastic Baker: Alejandra Porcar (commitment, love of learning, curiosity, enthusiasm)

Green Thumbs
Most Enthusiastic Gardener: Grace Devitt (gratitude, judgment)

LEAF Leadership Award: Caroline Chen (leadership, bravery, teamwork, perseverance)

The Breakfast Club
Most Enthusiastic: Jack Freeman (commitment, love of learning)

Most Dedicated: Natalia Moreno (commitment, creativity)

Dog Club
Dog's Best Friend: Julio Midence Rosario (passion, creativity)

Equestrian Sport and Education
Most Engaged: Hannah Hofmann (passion, creativity, love of learning)

Most Enthusiastic Hiker: Amrit Garcha (leadership, perseverance, zest)

Soccer Skills
Most Dedicated: Paul Runza (love of learning, humility)

Team Sailing
Virtual Regatta Top Student Sailor: Alastair Ward (humility, love of learning)

Trick Shots
Most Engaged: David Crispo (humour, leadership, creativity)

Art at Home
Totally Artsy: Marc Bossongbra (love of learning, gratitude, creativity)

Exploring Vocal Technique
Most Dedicated: Joyce Tao (commitment, dedication)

Graphic Design
Most Zealous: Dima Dovgalyk (creativity, zest, love of learning)

Maker Space
Most Diverse Projects: Sunaina Vallamkonda (initiative, creativity)

Musicians' Corner
Most Dedicated: Cam Eatmon (creativity, perseverance)

The School of Remote Rock
Most Dedicated: Ben Freeman (creativity, teamwork)

Passion Projects
Most Passionate: Anthony Overing (love of learning, curiosity, zest)

Board Games
Most Enthusiastic Gamer: Ruby Sun (curiosity, creativity, willingness to learn)

Language Club
Language Leader: Ryosuke Togawa (leadership)

Mischief Managed: an LCS Collective Audiobook
The "Merlin's Beard!" Most Enthusiastic Award: Sophie Gray (teamwork, zest, creativity)

Podcast Club
Most Dedicated: Maha Bukari (zest, commitment)

Community Service
Most Dedicated: Grace Bender (commitment, passion, humility)

Debating and Public Speaking
Most Committed: Nicole Liu (curiosity, passion)

First Aid Certification
Most Dedicated: Margaux Butterfield (curiosity, love of learning)

Most Dedicated: Keegan Sayles (leadership, teamwork, integrity)

The Ondaatje Medal
Medal Winners: Evan Armstrong and Anna Harris

LCS Writes! Senior (Grades 11-12)
Fiction: Nicole Liu, Fiona Hickie, Anna Harris
Non-Fiction: Teresa Saller, Anna Harris, Michael Cheaito
Poetry: Nicole Liu, Chloe Hu, Ilana Mohamed
Spoken Word: Dylan Clement, Michael Cheaito, Arina Stolyar

LCS Writes! Junior (Grades 9-10)
Fiction: Margaux Butterfield, Sarah Jiang, Sunaina Vallamkonda
Non-Fiction: Harper McGowan, Sunaina Vallamkonda, Ella Zegarra Brown
Poetry: Rida Shahbaz, Harper McGowan, Marlow Fiorotto-Bickert
Spoken Word: Sarah Jiang, Margaux Butterfield, Sunaina Vallamkonda

Paper House Winner
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