Summer Learning: Science, Biology and History Highlights

Ms. Stephanie Rosborough
The LCS Summer Academy Grade 10 Science course has been doing some interesting experiments in class! During the first week, they did an acid and base lab using black tea as a pH indicator for an acid (vinegar; acetic acid), a neutral solution (water), and a base (baking soda; sodium bicarbonate). Students then reacted the vinegar and baking and predicted the products of the reaction. Last week, the class performed an activity looking at the effect of ocean acidification on shells. "I put an egg in vinegar overnight and the students predicted what would happen to it, then we made observations and discussed what this meant for shells of sea creatures and corals." This week, students looked at refraction and total internal reflection; watch the video lesson.

Mr. Elliot Exton
"We've been learning how the body's immune system responds to infection in Viral Biology (Summer Programs Enrichment Module). Today, students researched and presented how different immune cells work to help fight viral infections. We then applied this to look at the effect coronavirus has on immune response. They did an excellent job making sense of complex ideas that go beyond the biology curriculum.  When asked what was most interesting, our students said, it was interesting to learn:
  • ' allergies work with the system falsely recognizing something as an intruder.'
  • '...that coronavirus causes your immune cells to attack healthy cells.'
  • '...the different ways antibodies work, especially how agglutination makes it easier for other parts of the immune system to clean up.'"

Mr. Rory Gilfillan
An integral part of the America History online experience is the forum debate which occurs asynchronously every week.  Questions range from was the American Revolution about money or Enlightenment ideas to should Confederate statues be removed, to whose fault was the Cold War.  Every so often students unanimously agree.
Last week Gonzalo Nunez Gonzales took on all comers and fought a brilliant rear action against the entire class earning him coveted Student of the Week plaudits.

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