Wellness Wednesdays: Resilience, Self-Belief and Grit

We are pleased to introduce a speaker series for our community that will welcome both wellbeing and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) leaders to our school. We believe that to support students in their wellbeing and to ensure they are thriving we must also foster an environment of inclusivity and learn how to be allies and advocates from those doing the work.
Our first wellbeing speaker, Olympian Sarah Wells, visited campus on September 16 and brought a message of grit and resilience to kick off our “Wellbeing Wednesdays” initiative. Sarah has overcome injury and failure and eventually achieved her goal of competing at the 2012 Olympic Games. Her message was grounded in achieving great things through building resilience and utilizing a growth mindset; an important and timely message for our community.
Sarah shared her story of training for the Olympic Games and how the challenging moments in-between made her the champion she is today. The key message she shared with students was the importance of positively reframing your mindset, surrounding yourself with the right support, learning to deal with “failure” and relentlessly pursuing through your goals not only to achieve success but also to find significance in the obstacles you face.
Sarah also highlighted the value of self-belief and grit. She shared how believing in yourself means believing in a goal and being willing to have the grit to go for it, to overcome every obstacle in your path because you want it so much and you’ll strive to make it happen. To help achieve success, she encouraged students to find a word, phrase or quote that reminds you of the strength you have inside, of the obstacles you have already overcome and something that reminds you to get back up and keeping going. “Have the courage to believe in yourself.”
Most importantly, remember that the path to success is not linear. Your highest level of success is not your new baseline; be compassionate with yourself and use all the lessons you learn for each new opportunity. Some strategies include:
  • Keeping a journal to track physical and mental health to help see progress over time.
  • Visualizing your dream scenario to create an emotional response in your body to trigger motivation and a sense of purpose.
  • Assess, Choose and Act. Going through this cycle of assessing where you’re at, choosing what to do next and then acting will help you take steps toward your goal and adapt to unexpected obstacles when they arise.
Above all else, Sarah asked students to remember just one thing: “Hard work, unfortunately, is not always going to lead to success, but being resilience and getting back up will always lead to another opportunity for success.”
We were so inspired by Sarah’s story and her timely message on digging deep to find grit, taking care of ourselves, believing in our abilities and setting our sights on achieving great things. To learn more about Sarah Wells’ Believe Initiative, visit believeinitiative.com.
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