Connecting with our Parents for a Virtual Parents’ Week

This week, we had the pleasure of hosting Parents’ Week virtually where parents connected one-on-one with teachers and advisors, our community came together for our Remembrance Day service, we welcomed guest speakers, and had a Guidance update.
We were delighted to welcome Renee Jain, MAPP and Dr. Shefali Tsabary, PhD who spoke on Transforming Anxiety into Courage, Confidence and Resilience. This has been a challenging year, but this session helped show how to navigate and grow from challenge, transform big feelings and emotions, kick procrastination to the curb and co-create meaningful long-term goals with kids. This presentation was made possible by THRIVE. Missed the presentation? Please check your email for a link to this recording!
In the Parent Information Session for University Applications, our Director of University Guidance Kirsten Johnston helped parents learn more about the various parts of helping their children apply to universities around the world. New trends in university applications and acceptances were covered, as well as modifications being made due to the COVID-19 reality globally. There were some great tips for parents to start thinking about as their child gets closer to Grade 12, and full details can be found by watching the recording
All of our teachers were very busy this week speaking with parents from around the world! Thanks to the convenience of Zoom, parents and teachers were able to connect about the progress that students are having in their learning, ideas on support and enrichment moving forward, and how to ensure we are partnering with parents to give their children the best education possible. Parents offered great insight into how their children were adapting to the new schedule, the positive impact of being back in school physically, and the ongoing balance of supporting their children while also empowering them in their growing independence. There were so many useful conversations throughout the week, and we are very grateful to the parents for making time to connect with us for these important conversations. 
Many parents also made time to sign up for parent-teacher interviews with their child's advisor. These are important conversations to have and can be a great place to discuss patterns that came up across conversations with teachers. Advisors can help students reflect on their study habits and bigger picture metacognitive skills that may help improve their success across all classes. This is also a great space to discuss the overall experience your child is having at Lakefield, to ensure they are engaging holistically in all areas of a healthy life. Feel free to reach out to your child's advisor if you weren't able to connect over Parent-Teacher week. 
Thank you so much to our parents for joining us this week and for continuing to support, discuss and help us create a successful learning environment for our students to thrive.
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