ENCORE! Dance Showcase Sells Out 750+ Seats

This week, the Lakefield College School Dance Company welcomed over 750 members of The Grove community—parents, friends, family, faculty, staff, and students—to The Bryan Jones Theatre for the ENCORE! Dance Showcase. Over 75 students in the Dance Company (curricular classes and co-curriculars) have been working on this show since September. They spent hours learning new choreography, strengthening their performance skills, and building their confidence to deliver three sold-out shows to our community.

Performances ranged in genre from deep and soulful (Work Song, choreographed by Avery ’24) to bright and poppy (Dog Days Are Over, choreographed by Norah ’24), smooth and rhythmic (Body Gold, choreographed by Fiona '24), and more. 

Congratulations to all students involved in the production of ENCORE! The audience rumbled with applause and shouts of excitement and encouragement as students expressed their creativity through a range of dances. We look forward to the next production from our dancers in 2023! 

Lakefield College School Dance Company: Abby ’25, Abby ’23, Amanda ’23, Amelie ’23, Angelina ’25, Annie ’23, Ansheng ’26, Ashwyn ’24, Aurora ’23, Ava ’23, Avery ’24, Brooklyn ’24, Catherine ’26, Daniel ’25, Daphne ’23, Doga ’24, Dominique ’24, Emily ’25, Emily ’26, Evelyn ’25, Fiona ’24, Isabelle ’23, Ivy ’24, Jenna ’26, Jenny ’25, Keira ’25, Lillian ’23, Lily ’25, Liz ’25, Maia ’25, Maude ’24, Melody ’26i, Micaiah ’25, Millie ’24, Mya ’23, Natalie ’24, Nina ’26, Norah ’24, Olivia ’26, Payton ’25, Rosalie ’23, Sarah ’24, Serena ’24, Snigda ’24, Suzanne ’23, Vanessa ’26, Vera ’24, Zara ’24

Curricular Dancers: Sarah Ferguson, Cecy ’25, Kate Anstoetz ’25, Keira ’25, Maia ’25, Evelyn ’25, Lexi ’25, Jenny ’25, Emily ’25, Daniel ’25, Lily ’25, Paige ’25, Payton ’25, Alexis ’25, Edna ’25, Norah ’24, Sarah ’24, Aurora ’23, Ashwyn ’24, Charlie ’24, Zoey ’24, Serena ’24, Greta ’24, Lyna ’24, Vera ’24, Natalie ’24, Ainsley ’24, Taya ’24, Brooklyn ’24, Stephanie ’24, Anna ’24, Millie ’24, Zara ’24, Logan ’24, Rosalie ’23, Amanda ’23, Isabelle ’23, Annie ’23, Daphne ’23, Lillian ’23

Campus Kids: Dax Stapley, Gwen Darby, Hunter Webb, Isla Hart, Kya Wilcox, Lola Stapley, Maeve Darby, Norah Adams, Olivia Brignell, Paige Beaudoin, Portia Beaudoin, Ryan Moore, Sophie Andras, Victoria Brignell

Special thanks to: Amber Claassen, Emily Beemer, Sarah Young, Simon Spivey, Will Callaghan, Aramark Staff, Sara Connelly, Sean Quinn, Suzanne McEvoy and the Dancer’s Close

See more photos from the showcase.
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  • Harry Perkins
    I attended the last show on Thursday evening and was blow away by talent of everyone involved. The countless hours of preparation and determination paid off. What a fantastic show! Well done!
  • Heather Howard
    Such a Fantastic performance…the “tap dancing “ segment reminded me of my Dad…….Great Job People!

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