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Spring 2023 Co-Curricular Awards at Lakefield College School

This week, we held our annual Spring Co-Curricular Awards ceremony to honour student achievements in athletics, arts, STEM, and various enriching programs. 

Athletic accomplishments took the spotlight, with remarkable achievements across different sports teams. Our girls' soccer teams made an impressive move up a division, competing at a highly competitive level. Rugby teams demonstrated significant improvement, with the girls remaining undefeated at their final festival, the senior boys securing an admirable third place, and the junior team triumphing over Ridley College. The Ultimate team, comprising nearly 40 participants, enjoyed a successful season, narrowly missing the CISAA silver medal at the final tournament. The tennis teams qualified for the final tournament, marking a significant milestone for the program, while the badminton team achieved record participation and performed exceptionally well at the CISAA championships. Additionally, individual LCS sailors transitioned to 420 racing boats.

LCS also celebrated flourishing arts and STEM programs. Students excelled in various co-curricular activities, such as the DECA provincial competition for Business Club members, conferences attended by Model UN and Debating teams, and showcasing of work in the SPARK Photography Festival by Photo Club students. Makerspace makers explored creative endeavours, Math Club students achieved success in mathematics contests, and coding, creative writing, and science clubs delved into enrichment activities. Other clubs focussed on values-based initiatives, well-being strategies, journalism, and physical fitness. Furthermore, student-led programs like Chess Club, TALK, Dungeons & Dragons, and Language Club provided leadership opportunities and fostered motivation among peers. 

LCS congratulates all students and program facilitators for their exceptional dedication and accomplishments throughout the year. The Spring Co-Curricular Awards ceremony truly exemplified the talent, perseverance, and curiosity within the LCS community.

Team Sailing
  • Crew Award (Most Improved): Clancy Becan ’24 (perseverance and love of learning)
  • Skippers Award (Most Improved): Dawn Liu ’26 (humility and perseverance) 
Learn to Sail
  • Most Improved Recreational Sailor: Ximo Gomez ’24 (love of learning)
  • Learn to Sail MVP: Caspar von Hardenburg ’25 (teamwork)
  • Most Improved Wind Surfer: Gabe Roti ’25 (love of learning)
  • The James Leibenburg Memorial Award for Boardsailing: Amelie Fenton ’23 (perseverance)
1st Rowing
  • LCS Crew Award for Leadership: Ava ’25 (leadership)
  • LCS Crew Award - Most Valuable: Morgan Harris-Stoertz ’24 (perseverance)
  • LCS Crew Award - Novice of the Year: Charles Lanouette ’24 (dedication)
1st Girls’ Rugby
  • Susan Hadden Trophy for MVP: Sarah Bender ’24 (dedication and leadership)
  • Most Dedicated (Life of the Team): Meghan ’23 (perseverance and love of learning)
Junior Boys Rugby
  • J. Paige R. Wadsworth Award for MVP: August Due ’24 (zest, dedication, and leadership)
  • Most Improved Junior: Brandon Lam ’26 (perseverance)
  • Most Dedicated Player: Griff Dunkin ’25 (curiosity and leadership)
1st Boys Rugby
  • Rookie of the Year: Jack Vanderpost ’23 (perseverance, curiosity, and humour)
  • The Lamont Rugby Trophy: Luke Murdock ’23 and Alex Bemrose ’24 (leadership, dedication, and humour)
1st Boys’ Tennis
  • Senior Team MVP: Olivia Desjardins ’24 (leadership, humility, and zest)
  • Spirit of the Game: Oliver Finlayson ’24, Xavier ’24, Toni Cursach Pedrosa ’23 (teamwork and curiosity)
  • Most Improved Player: Marco ’24 (love of learning)
1st Girls’ Tennis
  • Senior Team MVP: Leon Gell ’24 (leadership, teamwork, and judgement)
  • Tim Hague Trophy for Junior MVP: Fiona Zhou ’26 (bravery, love of learning, and perseverance)
  • Most Improved Player: Dominique Thiele ’24 (love of learning, humility, and bravery)
Culinary Arts
  • Iron Chef Award: Amy Shin ’23 (humility and kindness) and Oscar Hui ’23 (humour and love of learning)
1st Track and Field
  • Most Valuable Player: Josh ’25 (humility, determination, and commitment)
  • Most Improved Player: Titus Ngouepo ’25 (curiosity, humour, and perseverance)
  • Spirit of the Track: Jesse Briscoe ’25 (positivity, humour, and social intelligence)
  • The Crang Award (Most Dedicated): Valerie Lo ’26 (determination and perseverance)
  • Most Improved: Ansheng Zhou ’26 (courage and perseverance)
1st Girls Soccer
  • The Susan Hadden Trophy for Most Valuable Player: Tamara Von Achten ’24 (leadership, bravery, and perseverance)
  • Spirit of Soccer: Sierra Gilfillan ’23 (teamwork, leadership, and humility)
  • Most Improved Player: Jane White ’25 (bravery, self-regulation, and perseverance)
2nd Girls Soccer
  • The Baker Cup Award for Junior Team MVP: Sequoia Soubliere ’26 (leadership, self-regulation, and forgiveness)
  • Most Improved Player: Payton Petterson ’25 (honesty, kindness, and teamwork)
  • Spirit of Soccer: Molly McCullough ’26 (bravery, perseverance, and love of learning)
  • 1st Boys’ MVP: Justin Hui ’24 (leadership)
  • 1st Girls’ MVP: Melody Huang ’26 (humility and perseverance)
  • Jr. Boys’ MIP: Neil Shah ’26 (dedication)
  • Jr. Girls’ MIP: Edna Sung ’25 (bravery)
Rock Climbing
  • Rock Climbing Leadership Award: Amrit Garcha ’23 (humour and dedication)
  • Most Improved Climber: Nicola Haxton ’25 (perseverance and curiosity)
1st Ultimate
  • Most Improved Ultimate Player: Ananya MacDonald ’23 (determination)
  • Most Valuable Ultimate Player: Devon Hansen ’23 (leadership)
2nd Ultimate
  • Most Improved Ultimate Player: Myers Mbonda ’26 (love of learning)
  • Spirit of the Game: Pen Murray ’23 (persistence)
  • Most Improved Player: Rayn Shamji ’23 and Isaad Khan ’24 (dedication and love of learning)
  • Jr. MVP: Iliyan Nanji ’25 (perseverance, work ethic, and love of learning)
  • Sr. MVP: Jackson Hall ’23 (leadership and dedication)
QuadCopter Drone Program
  • Most Enthusiastic: Efe Yencilek ’23 (love of learning, curiosity, and perseverance)
  • Highest Flier: Linus Rybczynski ’24 (leadership, humour, and perseverance)
Spring Play
  • Rookie of the Year: Aman Gupta ’25 (kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude)
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Program: Emilia Baumann ’25 and Daniel Kim ’25 (teamwork and creativity)
  • Outstanding Performance: Hannah El-Baradie ’25 (perseverance, creativity, humility, and love of learning)
  • Crew Award: Mia ’25 and Aurelia ’25 (teamwork and humour)
  • Stage Manager Award: Erina Qose ’24 (leadership, creativity, and appreciation of beauty and excellence)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (for consistent dedication and exceptional performances in all productions): Ben Freeman ’23 and Isabelle Kim ’23 (humour, creativity, and commitment/perseverance)
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