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Spreading Kindness on Two Wheels: LCS Grade 10 Students' Inspiring Bike Quest

During their September Intersession, our Grade 10 students embarked on a heartwarming experience: the Kindagious Bike Quest. The name itself, "Kindagious," a blend of "kindness" and "contagious," perfectly encapsulates the mission of this initiative—to demonstrate the remarkable impact of kindness. Numerous studies have highlighted the profound physical and emotional benefits of kindness, ranging from pain reduction and increased energy to improved heart health, lowered blood pressure, reduced anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness.

This event was orchestrated by a dedicated team of LCS faculty members, with Libby Dalrymple at the helm. The Bike Quest, held at the start of the academic year, provided students with an opportunity to put into practice some of the core principles of our school: Community First, Outdoors Every Day, and Authentic Learning.

Pedalling Towards Generosity
The core concept of the Bike Quest revolved around gifting bicycles to children affiliated with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peterborough. To achieve this goal, our Grade 10 students embarked on a scavenger hunt throughout the Village of Lakefield. Their mission? Visit local businesses, collect information, and gather accessories to enhance the bicycles.

Spreading Acts of Kindness
Our Grade 10s were also entrusted with the task of performing random acts of kindness along the way. Armed with a box of miscellaneous items, including sticky notes, markers, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, five dollars, and a bouquet of flowers, they were encouraged to select at least four acts of kindness from a list curated by Ms. Dalrymple. Acts of kindness included giving flowers to local residents, writing positive messages on post-it notes and leaving them around the village for our neighbours to find, and buying donations for the foodbank as they made their way through Lakefield. One group even helped a man unload a truck full of lumber.

The Grand Finale
As the quest reached its culmination, our students creatively adorned the bicycles with baskets and bells before presenting them to the children. The day was filled with heartwarming moments, leaving a positive mark on all participants. It concluded with our teens sharing joyous moments with the twelve children who received brand-new bicycles.

The Kindagious Bike Quest for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peterborough not only showcased the positive impact of kindness but also embodied the spirit of community, outdoor exploration, and authentic learning that our school values. This heartwarming initiative reflects our students' commitment to making the world a better place through acts of compassion and generosity.
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