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Leadership Program

Lakefield College School students develop leadership skills by pursuing areas of natural interest and learning from those experiences. Opportunities are provided for all students to explore and enhance their strengths.
The Leadership Tree is a metaphor illustrating the numerous experiences and opportunities in which students at all grade levels can partake in at The Grove. As Grade 12 students model citizenship and spirit for younger students, they are seen as the trunk of the tree – supporting the upper branches that are all the other grades.
Students create goals and areas of focus in their leadership skills development and are supported by staff, in ways that enable fun, learning and reflection. This process culminates in the Senior-in-Charge (SIC) Program when graduating students put their skills into practice as community leaders.

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  • Senior-in-Charge Program

    Through the Senior-in-Charge (SIC) Leadership Program, every member of Lakefield College School's graduating class has an opportunity to assume a position of responsibility and to participate in the discussions, decisions, and activities that affect and enhance school life. The program allows all members of the Grade 12 class to join the staff in taking on the responsibility of upholding the values and traditions of the school. They learn to be concerned for the needs of others and to win respect through hard work and leading by example. It is a challenging experience and one that requires dedication, understanding, and compassion.
    The SIC Leadership Program involves graduating students assuming a role that interests them and devoting a special effort to that area of the school as part of the overall effort to make their year the best ever. Some leadership positions involve responsibilities either outside the school community and/or working with staff in the direct administration of student behaviour.
  • The Grade Representative Program

    The Grade Representative Program is another opportunity for hands-on leadership experience that promotes growth and citizenship. Each grade elects a male and female student to serve as their grade representative.

    The Grade Representative's responsibilities include ensuring that the members of their grade are involved in school spirit events and have their voices heard during Grade Rep. meetings with the Co-Head Students. Grade Reps. also organize one term “Focus Event” for the community. They also serve on the Food Services Committee.

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