Crisis Simulation

By Peter Andras
The Grade 12 Leadership in Outdoor Education classes finished their year-end culminating activity this week. The classes had to respond to an emergency call involving a group of lost hikers deep in the interior of Algonquin Park. 
The scenario called for massive rain, storms and severe weather warnings. Despite the beautiful weather on Saturday; 23ºC and not a cloud in the sky, the team had to act quickly to ensure the safety of the lost hikers. It turned out that these hikers had been storm bound. They had set up camp and stayed put not making it to their check point later that day. Throughout the night there were a few close lightning strikes a tree came down on their tent in the gale force winds. One of the poor souls was skimmed by lightning and the other two were trapped in their tent by a tree, while one of the victims had serious internal injuries and the other a crushed leg and head wound. 
The team of students enacted the rescue and performed first aid very calmly and with great displays of team work and organization. Students were given some information about the scenario the class leading up to the crisis day and they had to work as a team to decide what roles were needed and who would be the best individuals to fulfill these roles to ensure success. It was quite a process and it tied together all of their learning about individual strengths and areas of growth in their own personal leadership journey. 
A special thanks goes out to Carrie Gilfillan and her talents as a makeup artist! The wounds were exceptionally realistic looking and added to the entire atmosphere of the situation. Volunteer actors; Owen Uren, Rupert French and Steven Chen were outstanding in their roles! This simulation could not have been done without these dedicated and patient volunteers. 
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