Finding Joy in the Arts

Creative expression has never been so meaningful as times like these. Grade 9 students have been keeping logs to challenge themselves to find joy in the arts, exploring their art major along with other artistic genres to complete integrated arts mini-assignments. Through this project, they have been looking around their immediate environments for creative inspiration. This provides the unique opportunity for students to see how peers incorporate their living spaces and homes into art. 
Students have been submitting entries in dance, drama, visual art, vocal music and instrumental music along with their personal log. This prompts them to reflect on what they did/didn’t enjoy about the art activity, whether they would recommend it to others and what they learned from the experience. Ava ’23 submitted a dance video for her first entry in her major after taking an online class from a dance studio and learning a combo from a professional choreographer. Isabelle ’23 choreographed, taught and performed a dance with her sister, Catherine ’21. Amy '23 created a GIF and shared her experience:

"I used an app, Procreate on the iPad. It took a few hours to draw several frames so it was hard to be patient. I drew 18 frames but it is only 2 seconds so I was a bit disappointed, however, I was proud of myself that I finished this work. Also, it was a good time to be focused on one thing so I would like to make another GIF again!"
Our Learning with Lakefield — Remotely program has allowed us to continue to offer authentic learning opportunities by having students explore their personal interests along with pushing themselves to try skills outside of their comfort zone. Exploring new avenues of creative expression along with discussing their experiences with peers keeps our students connected as they share their art with others.
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